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A kitchen elevated from the floor for minimalist design, ergonomics and ease of cleaning

kitchen elevated from the floor

The advantages of a raised kitchen

What are the reasons for choosing a floor-standing kitchen? For several reasons, starting from the design: the kitchen raised from the ground is perfect for a very modern environment, for those who want it also hi-tech, that minimalism can combine the elegance of a particular solution. The ease of cleaning and the great hygiene that a kitchen raised from the ground guarantees makes it more and more appreciated.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that a kitchen raised from the ground promotes ergonomics, in an era when many people suffer from back problems, caused by long hours spent at the PC (those who work in offices or even in smartworking know something about it and not always relax on a comfortable sofa changes things).

How is made a kitchen elevated from the ground. Easy to clean and optimizes floor heating!

In a kitchen raised from the ground, the various components of the same are mounted on the bearing walls by means of profiles usually L-shaped. There are no more plinths or supports, which are visible and collect dirt (if we talk about internal partitions, the advice is to provide support feet that help to download the weight, there are virtually invisible). This is why cleaning a kitchen raised from the ground is extremely easy: under the furniture you can pass with cleaning tools without any obstacle capable of holding dirt, perfect for those who love hygiene and do not want to spend too much time and effort cleaning.

Among other things, having the furniture suspended, in a kitchen raised from the ground you have a better performance of underfloor heating.

Kitchen raised from the ground, great for a modern environment

A kitchen raised from the ground is ideal for a house furnished in a modern style. Ensures an attractive design, very elegant and practical, to be included in an environment characterized by minimalism and the latest appliances, with a good integration even home automation. It allows a huge customization. Most of the furniture and pieces that are part of it is in fact modular, giving the possibility to play with the forms to optimize the best spaces. This is not only an aesthetic need but also a practical one, since one must not forget that the space for the pantry or for dishes and accessories, lacking the floor bases, is less.

All appliances in a kitchen raised from the floor are back-proof

When choosing a kitchen raised from the floor, you must also pay close attention to the design. Virtually all parts can be suspended, including the dishwasher and oven, which are often located lower down. You are therefore not forced, with a kitchen raised from the ground, to bend over to inform or put the dishes to be washed, all to the benefit of your back. 

Do you have to choose the whole kitchen raised from the ground? No, you can play with empty and full spaces.

In short, the practicality and ergonomics in a kitchen raised from the ground combine with design. If your house is modern and you want to give it an elegant and simple look at the same time, the kitchen raised from the ground is perfect. You can also decide to alternate suspended parts with others resting on the ground, to improve the aesthetic effect, focusing on leaving the sink and kitchen area suspended, thinking about ergonomics, and putting the compartments on the ground, to have more space. It can be made even more modern and attractive by playing with some modules horizontally and others vertically, so that you create an alternation between full and empty. 

For a kitchen raised from the ground, the solutions are many. Since this is a perfect modus operandi for modern living, you can opt for the latest materials, from laminates to steel, which can be made shiny. Do not exclude, to give elegance, ceramics or stones. But wood is never wrong either. As for colors, black and white is very popular, light gray is also in fashion, although you can really indulge yourself with any color.

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