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Where it comes from, how it is made and where it should be placed: all you need to know about the Kilim rug

Kilim rug

Why the carpet goes with any style

When you say carpet, you may immediately think of the rugs of yesteryear, with heavy weaves, important dimensions and materials and placed in classic settings, thus not suitable for more modern and minimalist homes. Nothing could be more wrong: carpets are suitable for all kinds of environments, so much so that now even outdoor carpets have taken on aesthetic and not just functional functions. Take for instance a Kilim rug. It comes from tradition and yet is perfect for classic, contemporary or even ethnic or Nordic furnished flats, which is so popular lately.

The definition and characteristics of the Kilim rug

But what is a Kilim? It is a traditional Oriental carpet that is characterised by a flat, pile-free weave. Whereas classical carpets as we have always imagined them to be, in fact, made with many distinct knots in the weft, both horizontally and vertically, in this case only horizontal and vertical thread wefts are alternated. A Kilim rug is therefore not knotted but hand woven and is flat. In fact, the definition of ‘carpet’ is not quite correct. The term comes from the Persian gelim, meaning to spread out.

They appear to date back to the Eastern tradition as far back as Neolithic times, and are original to Turkey, although they are widespread in Pakistan, Central Asia, China, Iran, Afghanistan, North Africa, the Caucasus and the Balkans, and now also in interior design all over the world. It should be noted that the earliest Kilim rugs found are similar to how they are produced now, a sign that the characteristics have remained unchanged over time.

A Kilim rug is usually coloured, but the colours are never mixed together in the making. Another peculiarity is the material it is made of: only natural ones are used, such as mainly wool but also silk and cotton. They are available in all sizes.

Kilim rug

Decorative and particular, as ever

Apart from the technical details, which are interesting in order to understand where an accessory comes from that is often placed in the home because it is fashionable without really knowing what it is, why is this type of carpet, which is not really a carpet in the strict sense of the word, liked? They are appreciated for their versatility, in fact they are not only used on the floor but sometimes even as pictures to decorate walls. Even the technique is used for wall decorations, tapestries, tablecloths, bedspreads, furniture coverings or upholstery.

They are able to add an extra touch to any style, thanks to their distinctiveness and colours.

Usually a Klim carpet is characterised by geometric patterns, which are sometimes simple shapes and sometimes stylised floral or plant images. And it is colourful, lively, cheerful, perfect to become a design element capable of making a difference in any type of environment, giving a touch of colour without being intrusive and excessive.

Kilim rug

In which style should a Kilim rug be placed?

With its purely geometric motifs and therefore often square, a carpet of this kind is the perfect complement for a living room furnished in an essential style. It is therefore good for very modern contexts, where everything is in fact geometric and often minimalist. Obviously, since it is a complement of Asian origin, it is perfect in homes furnished in an ethnic style, where elements from different parts of the world are mixed, obviously with logic and knowledge. It may seem strange, but Kilim rugs also go very well in a Nordic or Scandinavian interior design: this is a type of interior design that favours light, light colours, and especially natural materials and fibres. Placing a carpet of this kind gives a touch of the unexpected and originality, it goes beyond the obvious. And surprising with style is an atout that designers always like! Finally, it is also suitable for classic contexts.

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