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Japanese interior design is to choose relaxation. In a word: Zen!

Japanese interior design

Why the oriental philosophy appeals and also invades furniture

In a modern age where people are always in a hurry, the word Zen has become a must for those who want to slow down and live differently. Japan and the Orient, with their way of understanding life, have also invaded our culture and many people embrace it by choosing the  japanese interior design their home, in a quest for serenity and calm.

In their homes, the Orientals create relaxing, spacious, airy environments where serenity prevails, both in terms of materials and colours. japanese interior design means espousing minimalism, in the broadest sense the Zen way of life, focused on being and the present, without too many frills.

In Japanese interior design, walls are not fixed

Those who want to furnish according to the Japanese philosophy should, if possible, create open-plan rooms. Large sliding doors are needed and an extra touch would be given by vertical panels of rice paper, capable of dividing rooms without being static. For the Japanese, doors are not fixed elements that divide but movable elements to mark out spaces.

An ideal Japanese home has very large windows and an outlet like a balcony in every room. One of the key points of the Japanese and Oriental furnishing philosophy is in fact the air that circulates freely between the rooms. Key points, such as the dining table, are placed near the windows, so that the light is fully captured. Each room is made even brighter by an essential choice of furniture: nothing is added that is not needed, in the perfect minimalist style.

The tatami is an element of Japanese homes. If you can’t have it, unravel it…

What there is, if possible, is natural wood, from red pine, beech, cedar, maple and cypress. Another element that is perfectly suited to Japanese interior designis bamboo, itself very light, which brings with it a feeling of minimalism and essentiality. Pay attention to the floors: Japanese homes use tatami, a floor made of a frame of modular wooden panels covered with reed straw, where you walk barefoot. It is not easy to reproduce it: we therefore aim for a floor without joints, smooth and even.

The living room is the central point of conviviality in a home inspired by Japanese philosophy. As in the tradition, one must eat sitting on the floor: therefore choose comfortable cushions or low armchairs and chairs, to be combined with a table which is also low. Everything will have light, essential, square lines and the overall effect will be that of a serene environment where one can calmly enjoy meals.

The bedroom is the heart of Zen relaxation

The kitchen in the Japanese interior designstyle combines modernity and essentiality. But when talking about relaxation, one cannot fail to mention the bedroom. Indeed, choosing furniture that follows the oriental philosophy often means guaranteeing unparalleled rest. The bed, the focal point, should also be low and with a preferably wooden base. The rest of the furniture is essential, nothing extra is placed. The few elements favour rest for the eyes and brain, which are not overloaded with unnecessary elements.

Japanese interior design

Plants and neutral colours in Japanese interior design

The Japanese way of furnishing leads to plants being placed in every room. Their greenery, combined with natural wood, accentuates the feeling of calm and serenity: very Zen indeed!

Colours, in the oriental furnishing philosophy, are themselves relaxing. Aim for neutrals, with a palette that includes soft, muted hues: wood is fine natural or painted white. Black as a contrasting element is perfect for chairs and tables, but must not prevail: when you want Japanese interior design, the watchword is… zen!

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