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Italian wardrobes: the guide on how to choose a wardrobe made in Italy

Italian wardrobes

When talking about Italian wardrobes, it is natural to think of handcrafted furniture, using wood and other materials of the highest quality, and objects with refined aesthetic lines.

The extreme expertise in the field of luxury carpentry has enabled the production of made-in-Italy furniture to achieve international success in the field. Today, as in the past, an Italian wardrobe can furnish the most beautiful bedrooms in the world, with solutions that combine design and functionality.

What are the merits and unique aspects of Italian wardrobes?

Italian wardrobes stand out for their solid and robust structure, destined to last over the years. In contrast to low-cost furniture, made with low-priced materials and standardised production processes that allow for rapid mass production, high-quality wardrobes are created by first carefully selecting the materials to be used.

Wood is the most commonly used material for the creation of Italian designer wardrobes. The artisans who make such furniture exploit the elegance of solid wood to create durable and elegant-looking structures. The woods used in the production of a luxury Italian wardrobe are varied. When choosing which raw material to use, the natural colour of the wood and the effects of seasoning on the colour of the furniture itself are taken into account, as well as the wood’s ability to resist moisture and wear.

There is another important difference between the production process of high-quality Italian cabinets and that of low-cost cabinets. This difference is related to sustainability in social and environmental terms. What do we mean? Choosing a wardrobe made in Italy does not only mean guaranteeing a piece of furniture made to perfection and with durable materials, it also means having a limited impact on the natural environment and the community.

In many cases, Italian wardrobes, whether they are offered by artisan brands or are part of the collections of internationally known brands, are produced in geographical areas that, over time, have established themselves as poles of excellence. One example is Brianza: in this area of Lombardy, there is a concentration of furniture factories and joinery workshops specialising in woodworking and the production of premium quality furniture.

How to choose the right Italian wardrobe model?

Those who choose to furnish their home with Italian wardrobes choose to invest in quality and design. In order to identify the best model for your project, you need to consider the type of room in which to install the wardrobe.

For the master bedroom, the best solution will probably be a large and capacious wardrobe, with hinged or sliding doors, perhaps made to measure, in order to perfectly adapt to the dimensions of the room. For other bedrooms, you can opt for smaller wardrobes, without sacrificing quality and functionality.

In other areas of the home, such as walk-in wardrobes, hallways or stairwells, custom-made wardrobes designed to provide an organised system for storing clothing, accessories and linens can be inserted.

The environment of the home in which to place the wardrobe also influences the choice of structure. In addition to considering the classic model with linear development on a single wall, corner wardrobes, wardrobes with a bridge structure or wall-mounted wardrobes can also be considered.

Those who love multifunctional furniture may also decide to purchase a wardrobe with integrated bookcase or a custom-made wardrobe to be used as a partition to separate two different areas of the house. In short: typical Italian taste is capable of producing furniture that fits in and enhances any type of home context.

The advantages of furnishing with an Italian designer wardrobe

Designer wardrobes designed and produced in Italy by experienced furniture makers and carpenters have the great advantage of offering solid, flexible and customisable solutions. Depending on the specific requirements of the project, it is easy to adapt the wardrobe structure, inside and out, both in terms of size and aesthetics.

In many cases, the paints used in the manufacture of Italian designer wardrobes allow the natural colour and grain of the wood to be appreciated. However, there is no shortage of wardrobes with a more contemporary character, in which the wood is treated with coloured paints. These versions transform the wardrobe into the main protagonist of the room’s décor, making it an eye-catcher from the very first glance.

Relying on the knowledge of experienced craftsmen and furniture makers is of fundamental help, even when you need to find special solutions. In fact, the flexibility guaranteed by made-to-measure and craftsmanship makes it possible to enrich spaces with furniture designed exactly to meet the furnishing needs of the space. That is, furniture that is perfectly coherent with the style you want to give your home.

If you want to choose from the best Italian wardrobes to furnish your home with the typical made-in-Italy taste, always rely on experienced interior designers. It is always the right decision, because it is the one that provides you with reliability, competence and experience.

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