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Italian sofas: how to choose the Made in Italy sofa that makes your living room unique?

Italian sofas

Italian sofas are recognised worldwide for their distinctive style and high quality craftsmanship. The beauty and durability of this furniture make it highly coveted among interior design enthusiasts, especially those who admire the elegance and reliability of Made in Italy.

Italy is home to some of the best-known international companies. Among them, there are several that have created sofas that have become iconic.

Today we present some of these brands and their respective models. We will also give you some useful tips for choosing the Italian sofa that best suits your living room.

5 good reasons to choose Italian sofas

There are at least five reasons why including an Italian sofa in a furnishing project is a winning idea. Here they are:

  • Sofas are an excellent example of the quality of furniture made in Italy;
  • The natural elegance of Italian sofas never goes unnoticed;
  • The materials with which this furniture is made are of absolute quality;
  • The craftsmanship makes Made in Italy sofas aesthetically pleasing and durable;
  • The design models have a truly irresistible appeal.

You know: the quality of Made in Italy furniture is universally recognised. And sofas are certainly no exception. On the contrary: Italian companies are probably the ones that manage to guarantee the absolute highest quality levels.

In fact, real industrial districts have been created in various parts of Italy, which specialise in the production of high and very high quality Italian sofas. The best known district is that of Brianza. Here, companies of the calibre of Zanotta and Flexform, for example, are based. These are two spearheads of the sector.

The lines of the sofas designed and produced in Italy are elegant and able to adapt to the most diverse furnishing styles. Placing a designer sofa in a living room puts the furniture at the centre of attention and gives the room a sophisticated and refined atmosphere.

As mentioned, one of the strengths of the Made in Italy production is the craftsmanship. Entrusting the realisation of sofas to specialised people makes it possible to obtain furniture of the highest quality, perfectly finished and in which nothing is left to chance or improvisation.

Even with regard to the materials used, the quality is unquestionable. Both Italian sofas that are upholstered in fabric and those made of leather or faux leather are aesthetically very pleasing. Moreover, they resist wear and tear well, so that their appearance remains unchanged over time.

Italian sofas

What qualities to consider when choosing an Italian sofa?

Furnishing living rooms with Italian sofas has many advantages, both from a practical and stylistic point of view. Carefully evaluating the characteristics of the space to be furnished allows the chosen model to stand out even more, placing it at the centre of the scene and making it the protagonist of the room’s furnishings.

Identifying the right sofa size is the first point to consider. The piece of furniture must be neither too small nor too large in relation to the space to be furnished. In the first case, it would risk “getting lost” in the overall picture, while, in the second case, it could make the living room a suffocating environment.

When choosing modular solutions, sofa beds or furniture with reclining backrests, the extra space needed must be taken into account. This is the only way to exploit all the possible configurations the furniture can take.

There is much more to be said about Italian sofas. For example, the furnishing style one has followed to furnish the living room naturally influences the choice of sofa. Depending on the type of room you want to build, you can go for classic style sofas, which are imposing and elegant, or contemporary sofas, which have minimal and clean lines.

Italian sofas

What are the best Italian sofas model to furnish your home?

There is a right sofa for every space, it’s all about finding it. The creativity of designers allows you to choose your favourite piece of furniture, drawing from a huge range of proposals.

Among the most popular Italian sofas, there are those with a corner structure and those with a peninsula. Both solutions are ideal for furnishing a large modern living room. Their strong point is the comfort of the seats, which invite relaxation and conversation.

In smaller spaces, two- or three-seater sofas can be inserted, perhaps using design models with an original look. Eccentric colours, upholstery that contrasts with the rest of the furniture or unusual lines are all good options, as they help put the sofa centre stage.

A few more suggestions. Those who love the elegant lines of Italian designer sofas are spoilt for choice. Indeed, some of the most iconic models in the history of design were actually conceived and manufactured in Italy. We speak, for instance, of the Baxter Budapest Soft sofa , the Gervasoni Ghost model  or the Zanotta sofas . Each of these models has special features that make it unique and capable of becoming the centrepiece of any living room.

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