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Italian luxury kitchens: the design and quality that the whole world admires

Italian luxury kitchens the design and quality that the whole world admires

It is in luxury kitchens that the excellence of Italian-made furniture is best expressed. The kitchen is the heart of the home, the space in which you gather with family and friends. The furnishings of Italian luxury kitchens are designed to offer elegance and functionality, in an environment open to sharing and closeness with others.

What are the characteristics of Italian luxury kitchens?

High-quality materials, careful design and functional spaces: these are the characteristics that make Italian luxury kitchens an excellence recognised throughout the world.

In the kitchen, the innate Italian taste for beauty is combined with elegant and durable materials to create unique spaces, with a valuable aesthetic and a refined design, capable of adapting to different contexts.

In Italian luxury kitchens inspired by classic furnishings, wood is the absolute protagonist. The cupboards, worktops and surfaces of the kitchen are made of solid wood, with small metal inserts. The lines are soft, enhanced by visible handles, inlays and accessories positioned on the worktops. The layout of the various components is wall-mounted, with an organisation of space that is consistent with the different phases of preparing ingredients, cooking and cleaning. Classic kitchens provide a warm atmosphere, perfect for welcoming the whole family and loved ones.

Modern Italian luxury kitchens are at the opposite end of the spectrum to classic kitchens. The design embraces the latest trends in interior design and is the result of continuous research into innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Wood remains the most popular material for designers and customers, but it is often accompanied by metal worktops, lacquered panels or stone elements such as luxurious marble or durable granite.

Italian luxury kitchens the design and quality that the whole world admires

A design that is recognisable and appreciated by those who know how to recognise a taste for beauty

The element that perhaps most characterises modern luxury kitchens is their minimalist design. The lines are simple, the geometries rigorous and the surfaces smooth. The almost total absence of visible decorative elements conveys a great feeling of order and airiness. All the elements in the kitchen have a clearly defined place, and there are drawers, hidden compartments and cupboards in which to organise ingredients and utensils.

The latest italian luxury kitchens incorporate the latest technology to enhance the experience of both the cook and guests. As well as induction hobs, there are hoods that regulate suction power according to the amount of fumes emitted during cooking and lighting systems that ensure optimal energy consumption.

While classic kitchens are the realm of warm colours, contemporary luxury kitchens are mainly dominated by white, black and the natural colour of metals. These colours can be found both in the different elements that make up the kitchen and on the walls. The uniformity of the colours helps to give continuity to the space and gives fluidity to the room, considered in its uniqueness but also in relation to the other domestic environments.

Unlike classic kitchens, the most modern Italian luxury kitchens have a layout that encourages sociability. The moment of food preparation and cooking are not relegated to an area away from the dining table, but move almost to the centre of the room. Thanks to the presence of islands and peninsulas, the entire meal preparation process is reorganised. The kitchen space is thus defined in a new way. The arrangement of the elements takes into account the order in which the different stages of meal preparation take place.

Italian luxury kitchens the design and quality that the whole world admires

… and an attention to the sustainability

In both classic and modern kitchens, Italian luxury kitchen brands pay great attention to the environmental sustainability of their creations. The use of 100% recyclable materials is a desire that is increasingly common among customers and increasingly accepted by manufacturers.

Choosing one of the many models of Italian luxury kitchens for your home means having high quality furniture, created by expert brands capable of interpreting the most recent trends in interior design and able to propose personalised and tailor-made solutions that take into account the specific needs of each customer.

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