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Italian furnishing is not a trend but a combination of quality and ingenuity

Italian furnishing

Art and industriousness, Italian characteristics in the world, also in furniture

Italy is known throughout the world for its inimitable art and culture and for the ingenuity with which many companies know how to distinguish themselves. The furnishing industry is a universe capable of combining the artistic fascination of beauty with the search for innovative solutions, with a special eye to the craftsmanship that knows how to make each piece unique. So, it is easy to understand why, when mention is made of Italian furnishing, one speaks of something of extreme value, sought after and desired in homes all over the world.

What is meant by Italian furnishing

Rather than a trend in the true sense of the word, when we link furnishing to Italy we are referring to a long series of companies that, born from small family businesses, have been able and know how to make a name for themselves, to designers rich in innovative ideas, to a world of craftsmanship capable of achieving exceptional results and to materials of absolute value. In short, furnishing your home with Made in Italy, from kitchens to sofas, is a guarantee of success.

Italian companies and designers, a cutting-edge reality

Italian furnishing

Those who choose Italian furnishing opt for the products of companies such as Zanotta, where, among other things, the famous bean bag chair was invented that adapts to each body, now imitated by every brand, or again in the field of sofas, Baxter, or Glas, with its glass products. In short, brands that can guarantee absolute quality! When one thinks of designers of today and yesterday, one can mention Antonio Citterio, Paola Lenti, Piero Lissoni.

From marble to glass, the materials for which Italy is a leader

As far as materials are concerned, one out of all may be the well-known Carrara marble, for refined and elegant interiors and exteriors, without forgetting the quality of Murano glass worked in a unique and unparalleled way in the Veneto region, where fine fabrics are also produced in woolen mills. The industriousness and quality of the craftsmen is linked to glass, ceramics and wood work, with many designer carpentries creating true masterpieces, from Lombardy onwards, for those who want custom-made and custom-designed furniture.

It can therefore be concluded that Italian furnishing is characterised by materials of absolute quality, beautiful to look at and long-lasting over time, by the attention to detail, and by the industriousness of its products, which are imitated and exported all over the world.

Italian furnishing

Italian furnishing region by region

But how does one furnish in Italy? As mentioned, there is no real Italian interior design, it basically depends on the area one is talking about. In the north, the most industrialised part, modern and essential furniture tends to prevail, characterised by the search for multifunctional and dynamic spaces, with frills reduced to the bone. As materials, leather for sofas, glass for tables, and metal are favoured. Strong lines and light colours prevail. Italian furnishing in mountain areas is often the same as in chalets: lots of wood, the search for a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Similarly, in the south there is a Mediterranean style, with bright colours and the use of materials such as marble, cork, wicker, ceramics, solid wood, stone, inspired by the sea and nature. Finally, in the central area, there are often exposed beams and large fireplaces, stone and brick cladding and wrought iron finishes, as well as wooden furniture made directly from handcrafted wood. 

Italian furnishing

To recap: Made in Italy is and remains a winner

It is therefore difficult, we repeat, to unambiguously define Italian furnishing, which combines like few others the pursuit of tradition, with a strong bond with the territory and its remarkable craftsmanship, and that of modernity. The result is an ensemble of quality, never banal, with a strong and inimitable personality. It is easy to understand why Made in Italy, from the production of furniture such as sofas and kitchens to architecture, remains among the most popular.

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