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Italian designer armchair: how to match it with the furniture in your room?

Italian designer armchair

Today’s post is dedicated to the Italian designer armchair, a piece of furniture that is popular all over the world and expresses the creativity of Italian designers like few others.

Thanks to their quality craftsmanship, innovative lines and the care with which the materials are chosen, designer armchairs  are generally a high-level product that combines elegance and comfort. Specifically, furnishing one’s home with a Made in Italy designer armchair means enriching the furnishings with a piece that is practical to use, beautiful to look at and always able to enhance the environment, even if only by its presence.

Why choose to furnish with an Italian designer armchair?

Made in Italy design armchairs are distinguished by the exceptional craftsmanship they are made of and their innovative design. The Italian design industry is world famous for its excellence, and armchairs are certainly no exception.

Made from high-quality materials, such as leather , Italian designer armchairs are a luxury product that combines aesthetics and functionality. The design that comes from Italy is known for its elegant character and neat lines. Specifically, the clean and harmonious design of the armchairs makes them sophisticated and contemporary-looking furniture, while the attention to detail enhances their magnificent beauty.

Since they are totally handcrafted, Italian-made designer armchairs are often customisable and adaptable to customised projects. The versatility of this type of workmanship allows you to choose from a wide range of colours, finishes and fabrics, so that you always obtain a unique and inimitable piece.

Deciding to furnish one’s home with an Italian designer armchair means completing the decor with a piece of furniture with unique and unrepeatable characteristics, handmade with passion and dedication by expert craftsmen, who transmit their experience and knowledge in every detail.

Italian designer armchair

How to choose an Italian designer armchair?

When choosing a Made in Italy designer armchair, there are several factors to consider in order to find the piece of furniture that best meets your aesthetic and functional needs.

Firstly, it is important to assess the style of the environment in which the Italian designer armchair will be placed. If it is a modern, minimalist and essential environment, it might be preferable to choose an armchair with simple and geometric lines, which has been made of materials such as metal or leather. Conversely, if you want to create a warm and cosy ambience, an armchair with softer and more sinuous shapes, which has been made of fabrics such as velvet or cotton, might be more suitable.

Another aspect to consider is the functionality of the Italian designer armchair. If you want to use this furniture to relax and watch TV, for example, it might be important to choose an armchair with a reclining backrest, a footrest or ergonomic armrests. If, on the other hand, you want to use the armchair as a piece of furniture to create a reading corner, it may be preferable to choose a lighter and more compact design armchair.

The quality of the materials is another factor to consider when choosing a high quality armchair. High-quality designer armchairs are indeed made of high-quality materials with a soft finish, such as leather, calfskin or fine fabrics, such as velvet. However, less expensive materials, such as synthetic fabrics, can also be of high quality, provided they are chosen carefully and with great care.

Italian designer armchair

Best tips for furnishing with an Italian designer armchair

The fact that they are the result of the perfect combination of craftsmanship and innovation makes Italian designer armchairs inimitable in the panorama of interior design. The quality of the materials used, the care with which they are made and the original design of each armchair are the strong points that distinguish them from the models of their international competitors.

One of the factors that makes Italian designer armchairs so special is the maniacal care that goes into the selection of materials. Leather, fine fabrics, solid wood, but also innovative materials such as faux leather or microfibres are chosen with great care, to guarantee comfort and durability. In addition, the craftsmanship allows for high quality finishes, which further enhance the furniture produced.

In essence, an armchair of Italian design deserves the role of protagonist within the home space. The arrangement and combination between the armchair and the other furniture in the room must be taken care of in order to bring out the beauty and special features of the chosen model.

Ideally, an Italian designer armchair should be the focal point of the room and should be in harmony with the rest of the furniture. Besides the lines of the armchair, the choice of fabrics and colours can also make a difference. For example, if you want to create a contrasting effect, opt for a brightly coloured armchair in a more neutral room, while if you want a relaxing atmosphere, choose soft, muted fabrics.

Finally, remember that an Italian designer armchair should primarily be functional and comfortable. Consequently, choose a model that meets your needs and allows you to relax and enjoy the space in your home to the fullest.

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