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Interior Design Trends in 2021 [You cannot afford to ignore them!]

Interior design trend 2021

The way we experience and furnish our home spaces continues to change with great speed. More than ever, the home is at the centre of our lives and the attention given to interior design is reflected in the levels of satisfaction and well-being of those who live in the home. Between novelties and confirmations, here are the trends that will be the protagonists of Interior Design in 2021.

Sustainable and eco-friendly design

In 2021, the search for and use of sustainable and environment ally friendly materials and furnishing solutions will be consolidated. More than any other, this trend influences design on several levels, starting with the choice of materials and ending with the choice of accessories.

The protagonists are natural materials: wood, of course, but also vegetable fibres – from cotton to linen, hemp and wool.

A sustainable space does not only consider the origin of the materials used for the interior design project, but also the impact that the various object shave on the environment at the end of their life cycle. In order for the design to be truly eco-friendly it is therefore good to make sure that we choose materials that are 100% transformable or recyclable, preferring those that promise strength and durability.

Spaces that go smart

The Internet of Things is another important pillar of Interior Design 2021. Spaces in the home are becoming increasingly connected and smart devices are gaining a prominent role in different rooms.

Virtual assistants, remotely controllable appliances and home automation systems simplify the management of domestic spaces and contribute to improving the well-being of those living in the home. With this in mind, 2021 is the year to integrate home and work environments with home automation systems. These systems constantly monitor and analyse the situation to ensure the perfect balance of room or office brightness, temperature and air quality at all times.

Warm colours inspired by the Earth

The colours that will dominate interior design over the coming months are warm colours that inspire tranquillity, well-being and relaxation. They are earthy colours, with shades ranging from beige to dark brown. To complete the palette, there is the range of greens inspired by the plant world and the range of blues that recall the colour of the sky and water.

This “natural” palette can be used both to decide the colour of the walls and to define the colour of accessories and furnishings, such as cushions, lamps or vases.

The cottagecore style with a dash of vintage

It made its appearance as early as 2020, but the cottagecore style is likely to explode in the coming months. Inspired by a rustic and bucolic atmosphere, this style allows you to step back in time and rediscover the rhythms of life and furnishings of old country houses.

With its slightly nostalgic, warm and richly detailed character, the cottagecore style is in stark contrast to other styles that have been the protagonists of recent years, such as the minimalist and Nordic styles, which are characterised by a decidedly more essential approach.

Hand-painted ceramics, hand crafted cotton house hold linen, floral wallpaper and wooden furniture that does not need to hide the signs of time are some of the elements that will make their way into interior design projects throughout the year. Antiques, vintage accessories and dishcloths from grandmothers’ trousseaux complete the picture.

Modular home offices

In 2020, many people had to move their work activities from the office to the home environment. In order to meet the needs of those who want or need to work from home, ingenious solutions have emerged that make it possible to create comfortable and flexible working environment seven in the smallest of domestic spaces.

Concealed desks and modular wall sthat can be moved around to define work spaces are just some of the options available to those who need to build a functional home office. There are a number of different solutions to delimit the work area and separate it visually from the rest of the domestic space. For example, curtains or designer bookcases can be used. Or you can create a sort of green barrier, created with plants and flowers.

Tailor-made spaces for wellness and fitness

More and more, the home is becoming a place where you can also take care of your body and mind. This is why an increasing number of interior design projects include saunas, private spas and gyms.

Wellness spaces are designed to meet the training or relaxation needs of all family members. Rooms dedicated to fitness are filled with multifunctional machines and benches, chosen to satisfy those who aim to train their muscles. They are also populated with spaces that promote concentration, i.e. environments tailored to those who choose to practice yoga and mindfulness meditation.

Designer equipment is an interesting solution for exercising without sacrificing style. Yoga mats, exercise balls and dumbbells have a well-thought-out look and elegant lines. This makes them objects with a great ability to furnish, even in the moments between workouts. This option is also ideal when the gym is in an open room or is close to the busiest areas of the house.

What is the trend for the bathroom? The bathroom is becoming the place to create your own home spa. Hydromassage baths, Turkish baths, chromotherapy and aromatherapy are a valid option for maximising relaxation. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the water, abandon yourself to the massage of the water jets and let colours and scents promote relaxation to regain a pleasant feeling of well-being.

Optimal use of energy, at home as well as in hotels

The role of technology is increasingly central to ensuring efficient use of resources and avoiding waste. Smart systems installed in homes and hotels make it possible to control consumption and optimise the comfort level of each room.
Through the use of sensors, air quality can be monitored at all times and automatically filtered when needed. Water consumption can also be optimised, through systems that avoid waste and dispersion.

Technology can also help with sleep. Sleep monitoring systems can analyse people’s sleeping habits to recharge energy during the night. This allows you to wake up immediately ready to face the next day’s tasks.

In hotel rooms, technology is the best ally of those who want to offer their guests the best possible stay experience. Smart hotel rooms allow guests to adjust the temperature and the intensity of natural and artificial light, so they can easily find the ideal configuration to maximise their comfort. These are the trends for 2021.

Bars and restaurants? The need for an increasingly precise identity

Interior design in the restaurant sector is aimed at making the establishment recognisable and unique. The spaces are shaped according to the identity of the bar or restaurant, using colours and materials that are consistent with the style and philosophy of the offer.

The interior and atmosphere of the premises are designed to take customers by the hand and lead them to discover the place and the experience. For café and bistro projects, solutions that combine vintage elements with modern solutions are an excellent option. At the same time, for elegant restaurants it is preferable to focus on essential furniture made of wood, stone and metal.

Natural atmospheres and bright colours for outdoor spaces

Among the interior design trends of 2021, we cannot forget the design of outdoor spaces. Verandas, patios and gardens become an extension of the interior or a separate space to be transformed into an oasis of tranquillity.

Wood is a central element in the furnishing of outdoor spaces, used on its own or in combination with metals and natural fibres for tables, armchairs and decorations. Colour is the great protagonist of outdoor furniture. The use of bright colours with personality is a growing trend in the furnishing of this area of the house. Coloured elements should be carefully measured and distributed to create a perfect balance between the different components of the space.

Depending on how the furnishing scheme is structured, you can decide to furnish the room with sofas, curtains or swings. For fabrics and accessories in this area of the house, give free rein to bright and intense colours, from yellow to red and blue. Used on their own, in combination with each other or mixed with white elements, these colours contribute to making the environment welcoming and even more pleasant moments spent outdoors.

In conclusion…

These, in a nutshell, are the interior design trends of 2021. Are you an Architect or do you have an architectural practice? Will these innovations also inspire your projects? Do you already have a carpentry shop or experienced craftsmen capable of giving shape to your creations?

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