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Interior architect: what is his job? How to choose the best professional?

Interior architect

An interior architect is a key figure in all interior design projects. In addition to being in charge of designing spaces and coordinating the work of the other professionals involved, the architect specialising in this field can also help in the creation of cosy, customised spaces.

With in-depth knowledge of interior design and the ability to suggest the best materials and styles to use in each context, it is possible to achieve cosy and functional solutions.

What does an interior architect do?

An interior architect is the professional who is in charge of designing the indoor spaces of buildings. Through his or her work, he or she is able to create functional, aesthetically pleasing and harmonious environments, balancing the demands and needs of clients with the characteristics of the environment to be furnished.

In order to achieve an excellent end result, the starting point is to be able to listen to the customers’ needs. From this point of view, it is essential to organise several meetings between the architect and the clients, during which, among other things, wishes, objectives, specific requests, preferences and budgets are discussed. Only when the interior designer has sufficient elements in hand, will he or she move on to conduct a preliminary study to assess the feasibility of the project and to understand the structural characteristics of the building and any constraints to be taken into account.

Once these preliminary assessments have been made, we move on to the creation of an outline furnishing project. In this phase the architect makes use of all his skills: in addition to his technical skills, which are necessary to obtain a coherent and well-structured result, he must make use of his interpersonal skills, defining which other professionals to call upon in the operational phase of the project, and his knowledge of materials, colours, lighting and furnishings.

Once the client has given the OK, the interior designer’s work continues with the creation of detailed drawings and specific work plans for individual suppliers. Depending on the complexity of the job, engineers, electricians, tilers, plumbers, parquet fitters, furniture makers and various other professionals may be involved. When these professionals are engaged on the building site, it is up to the interior designer to coordinate and supervise the work, to make sure that everything is going according to plan.

Interior architect

What tasks can be entrusted to an interior architect?

When working on the furnishing of a domestic space, the interior architect can take on many different tasks, including:

– Needs analysis. Involving an interior designer from the outset is of great help in analysing the needs and wishes of the inhabitants of the home. With targeted questions, the interior designer can identify habits that need to be taken into account, aesthetic preferences and specific needs that the spaces in the home must fulfil.

– Space planning. The interior architect is able to identify the best possible arrangement of furniture and rooms, to be able to create a functional and cosy environment, whether or not interventions are required to change the structure of the home. 

– Selection of materials. The presence of an interior architect simplifies the process of choosing the materials to be used for floors, walls and furniture in the home. Taking into account the desired results and the spending budget, the architect will be able to suggest the best available solutions for each room.

– Designing furniture. One of the interior architect’s main tasks is to design made-to-measure solutions that optimise the use of available space and meet the needs of all the inhabitants of the home.

– Selection of colours and decorations. The sensitivity and experience of interior designers play a very important role when it comes to choosing colours and decorative elements to be used in the home. Depending on the context, the architect may suggest, for example, a trendy colour or the use of neutral tones, which are often more suitable for creating a sober and harmonious ambience.

All of these activities, which might seem to be carried out independently, turn out to be crucial in order to achieve an excellent result and to give the home an elegant and well-kept look.

Interior architect

What are the advantages of involving an interior architect?

Involving an interior designer brings numerous advantages for those who have to furnish or renovate a house, due both to the knowledge possessed by this type of professional and to his or her ability to provide customised advice.

When it comes to furnishing a home, it is very important to be able to rely on experts who know the tricks of the trade and are up-to-date with industry trends. Interior architects can be of great help when it comes to choosing the best materials and styles to use when furnishing a home, as well as when it comes to choosing the most up-to-date finishes, colours and decorative elements.

Interior designers can also provide original and innovative suggestions that can revolutionise the look of the room by adding a few details or removing elements. Their experience and aesthetic taste are indispensable if a customised and tailor-made result is to be achieved.

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