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Furnishings, light and floors, how to make a difference in an indoor pool

indoor pool

Relaxation must be indoors: green light for spas, saunas and swimming pools

More and more people have decided to realise the dream of having outdoor spaces, such as gardens and terraces, and even real SPA areas, so that everything is available for relaxation without having to move. Thus, saunas built in homes have increased, as have the construction of a pool in the garden, on the terrace or an indoor pool.

Indoor pool, a year-round dream

The latter solution, compared to an outdoor facility, brings with it the advantage of creating a reality that, properly heated, can be used all year round, not just when it is hot. Do not make the mistake of thinking that, because it is indoors, it is a less flexible option than outdoors: one can design indoor pools of various sizes and shapes, just as with outdoor pools. The most durable options, especially if the size is considerable, are those of excavation and reinforced concrete structure.

Architectural context and furnishings, what to remember when designing the indoor pool area

When designing an indoor pool area, one must not only consider the ‘pool’ per se. To create an environment that allows you to experience unique hours of relaxation, the real element that makes the difference is the furnishing of the entire room. It is therefore first of all necessary to decide on the size of the indoor pool so as to have enough space to move around nimbly on the sides, while also adding an area where you can set up loungers or an area to rest.

indoor pool

It may seem like wasted space for the pool, but it gives an extra refined and well-kept touch to the whole! The area set aside for the bathroom must fit into the architectural context in the best possible way in order to really be part of it in a harmonious way: everything must follow the same style, whether classic or modern and minimalist, with finishes of the same type and colours that match. The same applies to furnishings such as the ever-present deckchairs for relaxing and small tables. If desired, plants can be added.

The materials for an indoor pool, from the cladding to the floor in the adjacent area

Once the entire space has been carefully designed, it is time to deal with the actual pool. The most commonly used materials when it comes to the cladding of a swimming pool are stoneware or natural stone tiles. These are solutions that can give a sophisticated and elegant look, choosing the colour you prefer (usually white or, if anything, blue are recommended, because the real protagonist is water).

If natural stone is desired, it is better to pay attention to purifying the water with salt, which would risk ruining it, so it is better in that case to use chlorine. In keeping with the above, in addition to the cladding, thought must be given to the paving material for the adjacent area. One can keep tiles or stone, to give continuity, or change by opting for wood, which gives an extremely natural and warm effect (but must be maintained carefully because it risks swelling with water). Another possibility is concrete. Do not forget that the floor must be non-slip, safety is important in a context such as a swimming pool!

indoor pool

Lighting for the indoor pool: hot or cold? It depends…

Fundamental is also, from an aesthetic and practical point of view, the lighting chosen in the room. The room must be bright, if possible taking advantage of natural light, perhaps coming in through large windows. The indoor pool must not have any shady areas, so the lights and any LED spotlights must be placed in the structure, which are very atmospheric, in a targeted manner. The colour? Your choice, warm to create a relaxed atmosphere, cold to highlight freshness and cleanliness.

As for the ventilation system, be sure it removes excess humidity, specially designed. Care should also be taken with the heating, so that you can have the temperature you dream of all year round without excessive consumption and with respect for the environment. 

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