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How to use luxury rugs in an interior design project

A carpet is much more than just a piece of furniture. In interior design projects, this element can become central. It can even be the basis from which to characterise a room in a precise and distinctive way. But what are the starting points for furnishing with luxury rugs?

How to use luxury rugs in an interior design project

How do you choose the right luxury carpets for an interior design project?

When chosen wisely, a luxury carpet can become the highlight of the entire room. With its style and colours, a luxury carpet can radically change the perception of space. A small room can appear larger and brighter, while a large room can be furnished with style and balance.

What is crucial for the success of the interior design project is the choice of the right rug. In this first step, many aspects must be taken into account, starting with the type of space you are furnishing and the final result you want to achieve.

The ideal luxury carpet will be different if you are furnishing a private home or if the carpet is intended for a working environment (boutique, hotel, starred restaurant, etc.). In the first case, the carpet should transmit warmth and create a cosy atmosphere. In the latter case, it should convey confidence, elegance and prestige.

Other aspects to take into account are the size of the room and the type of floor. The size of the room influences the size of the carpet and its shape. A large room leaves a lot of freedom to the designer, who can opt for an extra-large luxury carpet or arrange a set of smaller carpets. A smaller room, on the other hand, presents a few more constraints.
Generally speaking, the shape of the carpet should reflect the shape of the room: a square carpet for a square room and a rectangular model for a rectangular room. This simple rule allows the proportions of the room to be respected and its characteristics to be enhanced as much as possible.

You can also opt for a round or irregularly shaped carpet. From this point of view, choosing a customised carpet is a great advantage. A luxury carpet can be designed from a company logo, or an image or symbol chosen by the customer can be placed on the carpet.

Choose carpets with a unique and unmistakable style

More than furniture and furnishings, a carpet can precisely define the style and character of the room in which it is placed.

As we have said, when you are working on a new furnishing project and this is possible, it is advisable to start by choosing the carpet. Once the characteristics of this element have been defined, it will be possible to complete the project by choosing the furniture, accessories and colours to be used for the walls, curtains and accessories accordingly.

Along with the shape of the rug, one of the first decisions to be made is the material from which the luxury rug is made. What influences this choice is above all the final effect you want to achieve. A wool carpet offers warmth and durability and is suitable for both domestic and professional environments. Luxury silk carpets convey delicacy and sophistication. Silk carpets need to be treated with care in order to preserve their beauty over time, and are less suitable than wool carpets for environments where people come and go.

Contrary to what it may seem, the design of the carpet is only the last aspect to be considered. At this stage of the work, you need to define precisely the style you want to give the room. A Middle Eastern luxury carpet could be the starting point for a classic style living room, while a luxury carpet with a multi-coloured graphic theme is the ideal candidate to become the focal point around which to furnish a pop art or contemporary style bedroom.

When choosing the colours of a luxury carpet for a home or office, it is important to distinguish between warm and cool colours. Warm colours are suitable for projects that want to convey energy, passion and warmth, while cool colours are preferable if the aim is to create a relaxing, calming and confidence-inspiring environment.

Furnishing with luxury rugs makes for excellent interior design projects. And it allows the designer to best meet the demands and wishes of the individual client.

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