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How to organise a home workspace with taste and style

How to organise a home workspace with taste and style

Between necessity and desire, the home office is the great protagonist of these years. With careful planning and carefully chosen furniture, you can build a home workspace that promotes concentration and productivity, in a design environment that reflects your personal taste and style.

Characteristics of the ideal home office

In order to have a home office that is beautiful, functional and able to replace a real office in every way, it is essential to carefully choose the space to be dedicated to work.

With the help of an architect, the most suitable space in the house for the home office can be identified. If the house is spacious enough, the office can be set up in a separate room. If this is not the case, the workspace can be located in a corner of another room, typically the living room or bedroom. In this case, concealed solutions can also be used. These are foldable designer furniture units that contain a workstation complete with desk and bookcase. At the end of the working day, the doors can simply be closed again to conceal the space.

Even spaces in the house that are not used to a great extent can become a perfect home office, such as an attic or an outbuilding. Houses with high ceilings also allow you to create a loft for use as a work area.

The perfect candidate for becoming a home office is a space that is large enough, well lit and away from sources of distraction or noise. If you need to maintain a high level of concentration and creativity during the working day, it is better to choose a room that overlooks the garden than one that overlooks a busy street.

Besides considering the characteristics of the space, you should also consider your personal needs and the needs that may arise during a typical working day. In a house that is shared with the rest of the family, it is highly recommended to have the work space in a separate room that is inaccessible to other family members. Working from the kitchen or living room, in the presence of partners or children, complicates the search for concentration and productivity.

How to organise a home workspace with taste and style

How to design your home workspace

Once you have identified your ideal space, you can move on to designing your home office. In order to have a comfortable environment, it is important to accurately estimate the space you need. As well as considering the space occupied by the workstation, it is essential to provide a space from the outset where you can relax during breaks, perhaps by doing some meditation or yoga.

When designing the workstation, it is useful to make choices that balance functionality and design. A designer and ergonomic desk and chairs give character to the home office and convey good taste. A standing desk is a good alternative to the traditional desk. It allows you to work standing up, is easily adjustable in height and, especially if you spend many hours at work, reduces the risk of contractures and back pain.

If the office is located in a corner of a room in the house, or if you live in a loft, the style of furniture in the house must be taken into account when furnishing the home office. To ensure that the workspace blends in perfectly with the rest of the house, the furniture and decoration must be in harmony with the furniture and accessories already in the house and with the general atmosphere. If the house is furnished in a classic style, the workspace should opt for natural wood furniture and accessories whose colours match the textiles and decorations in the house.

Organising a workspace could also be an opportunity to carry out a small interior renovation. After defining the style and appearance of the home office, all that needs to be done is to harmonise the general atmosphere by intervening on decorations and furnishings.

For a working environment that encourages concentration, minimalist furniture is particularly suitable. A workstation with only what is necessary reduces the risk of distraction and stimulates creativity. Incorporating pictures, sculptures, motivational phrases or portraits of inspirational personalities into the furniture is a way of both furnishing the room and keeping inspired.

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