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How to make a mountain home more exclusive through interior design

How to make a mountain home more exclusive through interior design

Whether it’s a mountain cabin or a chalet, having a house in the mountains means having a space to retreat to in both summer and winter. The mountain house is the ideal place to spend relaxing days in contact with nature. The interior of a house in a mountain environment naturally evokes feelings of warmth and intimacy. Modern interior design solutions make it possible to create customised projects that enhance the qualities of the home and create cosy environments to share with family and friends.

The best furnishing styles for a sophisticated mountain home

The classic Alpine style has an enduring appeal. Entering a house furnished in this style means immersing yourself in an almost magical atmosphere, surrounded by the warmth and scents of wood and protected by the solidity of stone.
The furniture is made of wood, in the natural colour of the wood species, as are the exposed beams and wall coverings.

As well as giving the environment a refined look, wood has the great ability to insulate the rooms from the cold outside, a quality that cannot be renounced at high altitudes. The other great protagonist of alpine style furnishings is stone, used for floors, staircase coverings or left exposed on walls.

Those who don’t want to give up a touch of modernity in the furnishing of their mountain home can opt for the rustic chic style. This furnishing solution maintains the centrality of wood, but introduces more colourful elements and chromatic contrasts that give liveliness to the rooms. Elaborate patterns with geometric or floral motifs can be chosen for home textiles and carpets. The contrast between the colour of natural wood, exposed stone details left on a portion of the walls and the colour chosen to liven up the walls creates an intriguing and modern result.

Adding glam details makes the home even more exclusive. Simply introduce large mirrors with fitted frames, for example, or designer chandeliers and wall lamps that enhance the room’s highlights, bringing them to the centre of attention.

How to make a mountain home more exclusive

The tricks to copy for exclusive interior design

Space-saving furniture and accessories that can be used in a variety of ways are an excellent solution for cleverly furnishing the space in a chalet.

Among the indispensable solutions are storage benches to be placed under the windows. The benches, generally made of wood, blend perfectly with the rest of the furnishings and allow you to sit in total relaxation while enjoying the view of the snowy peaks or the garden surrounding the house. If necessary, the bench can be placed to one side of the dining table and used to seat guests, for an aperitif with friends or for an evening party.

Inserting design furniture elements that recall the mountain environment is another practical solution to make the project exclusive and coherent. A simple block of wood can be used to make stools or bedside tables with an Alpine flavour, while wool carpets can be used to warm the atmosphere in every room of the house.

In the living room, an intimate and cosy space can be created by simply placing a rug and comfortable armchairs near the fireplace. In the bedroom, to ensure greater thermal insulation, you can choose a long-pile wool rug, capable of transmitting a pleasant sensation of softness and warmth.

Placing a Jacuzzi in the bathroom of the house is a good idea for a warm and relaxing bath at the end of a day spent on the ski slopes or returning from a hike on a nearby trail. Placed in a corner of the bathroom or elevated to allow a view of the outdoors, the hot tub adds the final touch to make your mountain home truly exclusive and special.

The choice of colour palette to be used for room decoration is essential to feel at ease in the home. To warm up the atmosphere you can combine the colours of wood and natural stone with reds and oranges, while if you want to breathe in a fresher, more sparkling atmosphere, green and blue shades are the ones to focus on.

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