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How to furnish your beach house with the best design solutions

How to furnish your beach house with the best design solutions

Every time you are called to furnish a house by the sea you are faced with a challenging and stimulating project. The beach house is the place par excellence in which to spend the holidays, an environment that must allow us to relax, have fun and spend the days in the name of well-being, both with family and with friends. The spaces of the house should be furnished balancing functionality and aesthetics, with fresh and bright colours.

A relaxing and welcoming beach house: how to do it?

Although each project is unique and personalised, there are some design principles that all beach houses have in common. The first thing to do before you even start working on the design is to make sure that the house offers bright and airy spaces. Adopting light colours for the furniture and introducing mirrors can help lighten up rooms that have less natural light.

The classic colour palette for furnishing a house by the sea is that which reflects the colours of this environment: water green, light blue, ultramarine blue and various shades of sand. These shades can be mixed and matched at will to give character to the walls, textiles and decorations of the house. Wood can be used for furniture and floors, either in its natural colour or painted in white or ice-grey.

Another classic colour found in beach house furnishings is yellow, which can be used as a colour accent or chosen as the main colour for one or more rooms in the house. For example, you can brighten up the kitchen by choosing yellow dishes and textiles, or you can choose this colour to furnish the terrace, choosing yellow sofas, curtains and vases.
Particular attention should be paid to the outside of the house, as it is likely to be the space where you spend most of your time. The terrace becomes the place to start the day with a breakfast overlooking the sea, the place to celebrate with friends and the place to relax at the end of the day pampered by the breeze, perhaps sitting comfortably in a suspended armchair.

How to furnish your beach house

Original solutions for personalising and making the most of all the space available

Often seaside homes, especially those closer to the beach, are smaller in size than homes in the city. Multifunctional furniture and accessories are a great way to get the most out of each space.

Storage poufs, for example, are ideal for furnishing the relaxation area of the living room, but they can also be used as support chairs in the living room to welcome guests. The extra space underneath the seat can be used to store everything from board games to play against friends to cables and chargers for the various technological devices in the home. The versatility of these accessories also makes them great for outdoor use. They are light and practical and can be moved effortlessly from inside the house to the terrace.

In homes decorated in a nautical style, elements reminiscent of the marine world are a must. Decorating the walls with old fishing nets on which to hang photos and memories of the most pleasant moments spent at sea is a simple but effective idea to strengthen the link with the environment in which you find yourself. Furniture made from plastic recovered from the beach or the seabed is also a good option for combining design and sustainability. Benches, outdoor sofas and chairs are just some of the design objects that can be obtained from recycling plastics recovered from the sea.

Sofa, beds and wall-mounted furniture beds are a good idea to add extra sleeping places in the house and be ready to host friends. Custom-designed solutions can be created that make useful use of the space around the movable wall, for example by surrounding it with shelves.

The lighting system also contributes to the perfect beach house decor. For an intimate and romantic atmosphere, candles are a must, both in the living area and in the outdoor areas of the house. Candle arrangements with marine-themed decorations such as seashells or starfish are ideal. As for artificial lights, it is better to opt for warm lights and insert movable lamps that can be moved if necessary to increase the light in certain parts of the house.

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