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How to furnish according to feng shui: the basic rules

How to furnish according to feng shui the basic rules

If you want to live in a home where harmony and balance are the key principles, you will find a valuable ally in feng shui. This oriental philosophy is thousands of years old and is based on the study of energy and magnetic fields in rooms. According to this approach, through the choice of colours and the arrangement of furniture, it is possible to create furnishings capable of guaranteeing harmony and well-being and of conveying positive energies.

How to design furniture according to the rules of feng shui style

Feng shui is an expression in Chinese that can be translated as wind and water. This discipline helps to organise living spaces in an orderly and harmonious way, with the aim of promoting mental and physical well-being.

In the East, decisions on furnishing choices are made based on the advice of an expert who studies the magnetic and energy fields in the home. If you don’t have an expert at your disposal, you can still apply the basic principles of feng shui and build your home space by seeking balance and harmony between the natural elements.
The basic principles of feng shui can be summarised in three points:

  • Minimalism. Avoid excess and the superfluous: furniture and decorations in the home must be functional and essential;
  • Attention to the choice of colours. The colours used to furnish a room should be selected on the basis of the sensations evoked by each shade. For the sleeping area it is good to choose cool colours that evoke wellbeing and relaxation, such as green, light blue and blue. For the living area, on the other hand, the most suitable colours are the warm ones, above all orange and yellow, capable of creating an atmosphere full of energy. Violet is not recommended in all rooms where guests may be invited. The only rooms in which, according to feng shui, shades of purple can be used are private bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes;
  • The importance of light. In a house furnished according to the principles of feng shui the lighting is meticulously planned. Ideally, the house should be flooded with natural light. To brighten up the rooms, feng shui also recommends using large mirrors to reflect sunlight.
How to furnish according to feng shui

The ideal furniture arrangement according to feng shui

Harmony in the home also depends on the choice of furniture and its arrangement. Typically, a feng shui-inspired interior design focuses on natural materials such as wood, metal and stone. Furniture should have rounded and sinuous lines. Avoid sharp edges and square furniture.

The furniture in the living area should be functional and uncluttered. In Feng Shui, the kitchen is the area of the house where the energies of prosperity and harmony are concentrated. As well as choosing furniture with soft lines and light colours, it is essential to maintain order in this area of the house. Everything should have its own place and only useful objects and decorations that are functional to the furnishings should be kept. Plants and flowers can be placed in the kitchen, living room or lounge to help strengthen the bond between people and the natural environment and to add a touch of colour.

In the study or working space of the house, to promote concentration and creativity, the desk should be placed in the direction of the door and should never face the wall. A trick to increase productivity and to always feel inspired is to place pleasant and stimulating images and photographs in the workspace.

In the bedroom, the search for balance and harmony in the furnishings is fundamental to encourage rest and the recovery of energy. To achieve this, the philosophy of feng shui recommends avoiding the use of smartphones, tablets and computers in the sleeping environment. Mirrors are also forbidden in the bedroom. Ideally, the bed should be placed facing the door and the head should be facing east.

As for the floor, feng shui suggests using the same floor throughout the house. Those who follow the suggestion of this philosophy can however give character and make the rooms unique through the use of luxury carpets, in classic or contemporary style.

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