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How to design the living area for maximum comfort

How to design the living area for maximum comfort

The living area is the space in the house in which to relax alone or to organise moments of conviviality with friends. It is the liveliest and most frequented room in the home and must be furnished with great care to create a welcoming and comfortable environment. Here are 10 rules to follow to furnish the living area in an elegant and refined way.

Carefully decorate the entrance to catch the eye at first glance

In modern homes, whether a loft or a large flat, the entrance door opens directly onto the living area. When planning the interior design of your home, it is important to take time to take care of the entrance area, because it is the first space that guests will see. The ideal entrance conveys a sense of order and harmony and is responsible for introducing the rest of the living area.

Consider how you move around the living area

In order to function at its best and to enhance the room, the furniture of the living area must be structured considering how you move between the different rooms of the house. Arrange the furniture to respect the flow of people going through the living area, bearing in mind the frequency and direction of movements to and from the sleeping area or to and from the outside.

Identify the focal point of the furniture and organise the space accordingly

Placing the focal point in a room helps to organise the furniture rationally and give the room personality. Depending on the case, you can give centrality to the table, choosing a large, hand-crafted model, or to the relaxation area, furnished with a sofa and a rug capable of catching the eye with their colour and design.

How to design the living area for maximum comfort

Insert a green corner to make the environment more airy and engaging

The living area is the space in your home where you spend most of the day. Providing a green corner helps to make the atmosphere more fresh and welcoming. You can place low-maintenance evergreen plants such as ferns or palms, or flowers that follow a seasonal pattern.

Carefully design the relaxation area

A sofa or armchairs in which to relax at the end of the day or a desk in which to stop and read a good book are excellent ideas for furnishing the relaxation area of the living room or lounge with style. In this area of the room, the focus should be on comfort and well-being.

Decorate walls to give space personality

Walls play an important role in the design of the living area. Even just changing the colour of the walls or adding wallpaper can radically change the look of a room. If it is true that plain white walls are elegant and underline the beauty of the furniture and coloured decorations, it is also true that adding paintings and prints to the design can give a strong character to the room. For an even more special result, you can decorate the wall with an original contemporary art rug.

Insert tables and chairs to welcome guests

The living area is also an ideal place to welcome guests for parties and special events. Include furniture in the design from the start that can accommodate more people. Extendable tables are an excellent option because they allow you to multiply the number of seats available in a short time. Naturally, an adequate number of chairs must also be provided. For the additional chairs you may decide to use the same model that you normally use, or opt for chairs of a different style, resorting to design models that are also very colourful.

Make the best use of space with shelves and storage units

Using shelves and storage units is an intelligent solution above all to furnish the entrance area or to break up the monotony of a clear wall. Storage units are particularly useful as furnishing solutions that allow you to organise space rationally and store coats, umbrellas and keys neatly.

Study the room lighting carefully

The comfort of the home’s living space also depends on the design of an appropriate lighting system. A cosy room should have a perfect balance of natural and artificial light, and you should be able to adjust the temperature and intensity of the lights.

Find the perfect balance between furniture and decoration

In order to make the living area cosy, it is essential to create a perfect balance between furniture and decoration. This balance should be sought both in the number of elements in the room and in their style. Decorations can reinforce the furnishing function of the furniture and vice versa.

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