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How to create a designer bedroom?

The design of the bedroom must be defined with great attention, since this room is the one that most affects the well-being of the person. In fact, the bedroom is the place in the house where people rest, and its furniture also contributes to a relaxing and restful effect.

Elements to focus on when designing a designer bedroom

Bedroom furniture should combine functionality and aesthetics. Whether it’s a new project or the renovation of an existing space, when designing a bedroom, you need to focus on several elements of the furniture. Choosing these elements carefully helps to create cosy rooms that are pleasant to live in and make intelligent use of space.

Everything revolves around the bed

The bed is the focal point of this room. When planning the furnishing of a bedroom you should therefore always start with the choice of the bed, and then complete the other living elements in the room accordingly.

In order to be able to choose the ideal bed for a room, the size of the room must first be taken into account. A large room allows you to consider different possible configurations, as well as choosing unconventional mattresses. You can opt for a king-size mattress, for example, for those who like to sleep on an extra-large mattress. Alternatively, you can opt for a round mattress if you want an original touch.

In smaller rooms, the bed becomes a valuable ally for optimal use of space. Providing a storage bed or a bed with drawers helps to create storage space.

The structure of the bed depends a lot on the style chosen for your home. In an environment furnished in a minimalist style, the bed also becomes essential, with a simple structure in wood and metal. An environment furnished in ethnic or modern style instead leaves more room for imagination and allows you to experiment with beds with padded headboards or wrought iron beds, with totally customised solutions.

Bedside tables, between functionality and design

If there are constraints to be respected for the size and shape of the bed, in the case of bedside tables you can rely on your imagination to find the perfect model for each room. As well as serving as a shelf, bed side cabinets are a useful resource for creating a design environment. This is often overlooked, but it really is.

For a striking result, you can for example choose bed side cabinets in a different colour, style and material than the bed. If you aim for an eclectic and unconventional furnishing style, you can also choose bed side cabinets that are different from each other. In this case, it is important to ensure that the decorations chosen guarantee a perfect balance between the different elements in the room. Diversity, yes, but with a strong focus on the overall effect.

In short: lamps, alarm clocks, bookends, jewellery boxes and all the other small objects chosen to decorate the bedside tables must be consistent with the identity chosen for the room.

Cabinets and chests of drawers that combine elegance and functionality

Wardrobes and chests of drawers are the other main protagonists of the bedroom. Their presence is discreet: they play an important role in the organisation of space, but must not steal the show from the bed and decorative elements.

When choosing wardrobes and dressers, it is very important to check that their dimensions are correct in relation to the size of the room. A large wardrobe in a small room would create an oppressive atmosphere. Conversely, a small wardrobe in a large room would convey a feeling of emptiness. So be careful not to lose your sense of proportion.

Chandeliers, textiles and carpets to make the design perfect

Often it is the details that make the difference and determine the success of a furnishing project. This is especially true in bedrooms. Acting on textiles and decorative elements is the best choice to complete the interior design and to deliver a stunning room to the customer.

Defining how many and which decorations to include and their colour tones helps shape the personality and atmosphere of the room. For example, modern style designer bedrooms rely on the use of light, subtle colours that encourage rest, with the targeted use of more vibrant coloured elements. Pillows, carpets and curtains can be used to add a little colour. Every detail can play a leading role or almost.

When choosing chandeliers, however, it is important to design a set of light points that can enhance the furniture in the room. Here the general advice is to prefer the use of warm light, which promotes relaxation and sleep.

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