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How to clean a leather sofa? [Cleaning and stain removal guide].

How to clean a leather sofa

How to clean a leather sofa? It is a question that seems obvious, almost banal, but this is not the case.

It is well known: the leather sofa is an elegant and durable piece of furniture. In order to maintain the natural beauty of this furniture for a long time, it is essential to clean it correctly, with systems and products that respect the delicacy of the leather and, at the same time, guarantee hygiene and safety for all the inhabitants of the house, including children and pets.

Routine cleaning for leather sofas

The leather sofa should be cleaned regularly, to eliminate dust and dirt that may be deposited on the furniture with daily use. For routine cleaning, to be carried out at least once a week, you can use a delicate brush, with bristles specially designed to treat the leather. Or you can use a hoover with a brush suitable for cleaning this material.

Another system that solves the problem of how to clean a leather sofa is to wipe it with a soft cloth, preferably in microfibre, dampened with a solution made up of water and neutral detergent. The cloth captures the dust, while the detergent helps to keep the leather clean.

It is important to clean the entire surface of the sofa carefully and thoroughly. Especially if it is a sofa that has a particular workmanship, such as capitonné models or models with many seams, it is best to clean these parts where the most dust can accumulate.

If you have a shiny leather sofa in your home, it is advisable to carry out periodic treatments to maintain the shiny effect of the material. Natural wax is a great ally in this sense. Simply apply a little wax to all the leather parts and carefully polish the furniture to improve its appearance and return it to its original splendour.

Which products to use (and which not) to clean leather sofas

Leather is a delicate material that can be damaged if it comes into contact with aggressive or abrasive products. When cleaning leather sofas or armchairs, it is essential to choose tools that do not scratch the surface.

This is true both when dealing with soft leather sofas and when dealing with a leather that looks rather resistant. Brushes with sharp bristles or abrasive sponges can damage the top layer of the leather and leave indelible marks on the furniture.

The use of bleach and ammonia should also be avoided. As the leather of the sofa is a porous material, these substances would penetrate inside the leather and could cause discolouration, stains and even tears.

Gentle detergents are suitable for cleaning leather sofas. Using Marseille soap dissolved in water is an effective and economical method to wash and polish the leather sofa. Using a cleansing milk can also be useful to keep the leather sofa clean and nourished. Equally economical and safe is the use of vinegar. Adding a few drops of vinegar to water for routine maintenance of the sofa helps to clean and sanitise the surface. At the same time, it helps to eliminate odours and maintain the beauty of the furniture for a long time.

Tools to have on hand for cleaning leather sofas also include erasers. You can use the bread eraser, the drawing eraser or you can buy a “magic eraser” from the market. Wiping the rubber on the leather helps to remove small surface marks from the sofa, without having to use water. It is therefore an effective method for cleaning this particular type of furniture.

How to clean leather sofas in case of stains

During daily use, the leather sofa can become stained in various places and in various ways. Among the most common stains are food stains. Especially if you are used to eating while watching TV or taking a coffee break while sitting on the sofa, it may happen that some food ends up on the leather, spilling a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Acting quickly is the best strategy to avoid leaving permanent marks on the sofa. Dabbing the stain with absorbent paper and avoiding rubbing it is fundamental to limit the damage. In the case of a white sofa or light-coloured leather, the risk of the stain remaining visible is greater. To thoroughly clean the leather and remove the stain, it is advisable, after absorbing the substance that has fallen on the sofa, to immediately use a damp cloth and a little neutral soap.

If there are children in the house, there is a high risk of finding ink stains on the sofa. In order to deal with these, it is important not to rub them, so as not to enlarge the stain. An effective remedy involves the use of a solution of water and alcohol to dab on the stain, until it is completely removed.

In short: there are many useful suggestions on how to clean a leather sofa. In this article we have seen the main ones. These are suggestions that work, so use them without fear to wash and remove stains from your furniture whenever you need to.

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