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How to choose a luxury wardrobe for your home

How to choose a luxury wardrobe for your home

The luxury wardrobe is the true protagonist of the bedroom. At first glance, it may seem to play a subordinate role to the bed, but it is actually the point of reference for the management of daily life. The ideal luxury wardrobe facilitates the organisation of the wardrobe and, consequently, allows you to dress in the best possible way for every occasion, without wasting time and energy in choosing the look to wear to the office, to work from home in a comfortable way or for a gala evening.

Elegant and well organised spaces

When it comes to choosing the characteristics of a luxury wardrobe, it is important to reconcile the aesthetic aspect with the need to efficiently organise the distribution of the family’s various items of clothing and accessories.

No less important is understanding the structure of the bedroom that will house the wardrobe. As well as being decisive in defining the size of the wardrobe, the structure of the room must be understood in depth because it influences the type of wardrobe opening. In a room that is not particularly large, for example, it is preferable to design a wardrobe with sliding doors, while if space is not an issue, a wardrobe with hinged doors is a valid option to consider.

Although not often considered as a parameter for choosing a luxury wardrobe, the brightness of the room should also be evaluated with great care. A dimly lit room can gain light and appear larger if you choose a wardrobe with a large mirror that reflects the light, whether natural light from the window or artificial light from strategically placed chandeliers and lamps.

The innovation of modern luxury wardrobes: modular and made-to-measure

Inside, modern luxury wardrobes are meticulously organised to make the most of space and allow for logical and tidy storage of clothing and accessories. Between the shelves, drawers, rods and sliding trays, there is everything you need to store seasonal clothing and to have the garments divided by occasion of use.

Taking the time to choose a wardrobe for the bedroom is an investment that will pay off as the months and years go by. Starting right from here for the construction of the project is an excellent idea. Starting to design the interior of the room by reasoning about the actual space available allows you to consider different options in terms of size and layout of the wardrobe.

The first thing to do is to define how much space you need to store your wardrobe. If you are planning a room for your children or a guest room, a standard size wardrobe will be sufficient. If, on the other hand, you are planning a master bedroom and need to organise a couple’s wardrobe, you need to bear in mind that you will need enough space to store clothes for work, leisure, sports, etc. In this case, you can consider a wardrobe with a double wardrobe.

In this case, a large corner wardrobe can be considered. This solution is ideal when you need a lot of space and have the possibility of using two walls of the room. On the other hand, you can consider a bridge wardrobe if the space to be dedicated to the wardrobe is limited and you want to use all the available centimetres.

Moreover, thanks to the diffusion of modular solutions, it is possible to configure the structure of the luxury wardrobe according to one’s own specific needs. This solution and the possibility of creating a made-to-measure wardrobe allow you to customise the project to the maximum and give the room the desired look.

When it comes to materials, wood is the material par excellence for wardrobes. When choosing wood, the degree of resistance and ease of workmanship must be considered. Traditionally, oak and birch are used, which are easy to work with and have a great aesthetic impact. Cherry wood is also often used and is particularly appreciated for its strength and ability to give the room an elegant and refined look. Proposed in their natural colour, enhanced by the use of neutral varnishes, or treated with whitening or coloured varnishes, wooden wardrobes are suitable for classic, country, shabby chic or rustic furnishing styles.

The combination of wood and metal components, on the other hand, gives luxury wardrobes a modern and contemporary look that makes them perfect for homes furnished in an industrial or ultra-modern style.

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