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How to choose a luxury bookcase for your home

Whether you choose it for its functionality or want to emphasise its value as a piece of furniture, the bookcase is one of the most interesting pieces of furniture in the home. Design solutions have reinvented a classic piece of furniture, multiplying the possibilities of choice. Today, a luxury bookcase can take on the most diverse forms and can find a place in practically every room of the house.

The ideal piece of furniture to enhance every room

When you think about where to place a bookcase, the living room or study naturally springs to mind. Although these are the natural places for bookcases, luxury bookcases can also be used to stylishly furnish other rooms in the house, such as the living room, bedroom, entrance area or a large hallway.

Defining the space where the bookcase will be placed is the first thing to do in order to choose the best solution for your home. It is worth pointing out that a bookcase not only has a practical function as a container for books or other objects such as music albums, films, photographs or travel souvenirs, but can also become an essential element of home furnishing.

There are also many original space-saving solutions that allow you to fit an elegant and space-saving luxury bookcase into even the smallest corners of the house. High bookcases or swivel bookcases are precious allies for those who have a lot of books and need extra space or for those who want to distribute books in several rooms of the house and not relegate them to one room.

What does the perfect bookcase look like?

There is no perfect bookcase for everyone, but everyone can focus on their own desires and preferences to find the ideal piece of furniture. In order to find the right luxury bookcase, it is important to be clear about the role the bookcase should play.

The bookcase can either blend in with the other furniture in the room and create a perfectly harmonious décor or it can become the centrepiece of the room and immediately catch the eye. The choice of the structure and colours of the bookcase can allow to obtain one or the other result, underlining in one case the more functional aspects of the furniture and in the second case the more design-oriented ones.

A separate discussion must be made for bookcases intended to furnish a study. Whether it is a home office or a professional studio, in this environment the bookcase must be designed to maximise the efficiency and functionality of the furniture. The shelves must be easily accessible and must allow perfect organisation of books and documents, which must be found with minimum effort. Choosing bookcases with doors or display cabinets can be a good idea to preserve the contents of the bookcase, especially if there are antique volumes or confidential documents.

Tell me which bookcase you prefer and I’ll tell you who you are

Once you have defined the location and functionality of your bookcase, you can move on to the choice of structure. More and more often, the classic bookcase with a rectangular structure organised in several perpendicular shelves is giving way to design solutions that make use of oblique planks, overlapping modules or asymmetrical lines.

There are at least two reasons behind this change of perspective. On the one hand there is the desire to offer a different, more modern look to traditional furniture, on the other hand there is the tendency to furnish in a less standardised way and more in line with the desires and real needs of those who live in the home.

In large open spaces, bookcases can also be used intelligently to create a physical barrier between spaces. In a loft, for example, a large bookcase with an open structure can be used to mark the passage between the living area and the lounge, or to join the space dedicated to the workstation with the relaxation area.

We must not underestimate the importance of the style chosen for the bookcase. It is to all intents and purposes one of the pillars of interior design in the home and its appearance must be defined according to the general furnishing style.

A solid wood bookcase is perfect for a classically furnished home, while a light or bleached wood bookcase fits perfectly in a Nordic style home. Bookshelves with a wooden and metal frame are ideal for industrial or contemporary style homes, while furniture with coloured wooden shelves can easily find a place in the children’s room or in the living room of a house inhabited by young people who do not want to give a colourful and fresh accent to the environment.

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