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How to choose a designer walk in closet

How to choose a designer walk in closet

More and more often, those who choose to live in a designer environment decide to replace classic wardrobes in favour of a room entirely dedicated to organising and storing their wardrobe.

Thanks to their flexibility and high degree of customisation, walk in closets can reflect the tastes and needs of the people living in the home and can be transformed into a functional and designer environment. They can therefore give an extra touch of class to more or less any interior design.

Design walk in closets: refined and modular

Opting for a walk in closet allows you to build a made-to-measure room dedicated entirely to the management of the entire family’s wardrobe. Designer walk in closets allow for complete customisation of the space, with modular and made-to-measure solutions that can be adapted to even the most particular needs.

The most evident feature of walk in closets is the fact that clothes, accessories and shoes are visible, rather than hidden as in a wardrobe. This substantial difference implies the need to arrange the individual garments very precisely in order to convey a feeling of order and organisation.

Incorporating a walk in closet into the furnishing concept gives great flexibility. Depending on the composition of the wardrobe, the individual components of the walk in closet can be chosen to perfectly suit your needs. If you need space to hang long, bulky clothes you can insert clothes rails at a certain height from the floor, while if you have a lot of shoes or jumpers you need a lot of shelves to store everything neatly. Drawers and pull-out trays are other modules that can be integrated in the walk in closet to organise accessories and clothing for more or less daily use.

How to choose a designer walk in closet

Design walk in closets with a solid structure and quality finishes

The structure of the walk in closet must be solid, to support the weight of the wardrobe, but also aesthetically beautiful. Among the most refined solutions there are aluminium walk in closets, a material indicated if you want to benefit from the solidity of metal but keep the structure light, or brass, if you want a more aesthetically refined space.
Wood is also an excellent material for building a walk in closet. With its classic flavour and innate elegance, wood gives the room in which the walk in closet is created a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Elm and walnut are among the most commonly used woods for this purpose: while elm is perfect for those who prefer light colours, walnut has a more intense colour and gives the walk in closet a regal look.

There is also no shortage of glass or crystal components in designer walk in closets. These materials can be used for the shelves where beauty products or jewellery are stored and, with the play of light and transparency, can make what is stored there stand out.

To maximise the comfort of the walk in closet, the brightness of the space must be taken into account. If the walk in closet is located between two adjoining rooms and does not have a window, it is useful to choose a structure that integrates its own lighting system. Energy-efficient, low-consumption LED lights are able to bring out both the design structure of the walk-in and the highlights of the wardrobe, emphasising the elegance of the stylistic choices made. Of course, the lighting integrated in the walk in closet must be balanced with the general lighting of the room. From this point of view, a central fixed light or a system of spot lights that illuminate the entrance or the most used areas of the walk in closet can be envisaged.

Some designer walk in closets can also count on a sanitisation system that regularly sanitises the garments. In this way, the outfits you choose to wear will also be safe and sanitised.

Organisation and style for a dream wardrobe

When designing your walk in closet, don’t forget to provide space for trying on clothes. Large, well-lit mirrors, together with poufs or sofas, make this area of the house more welcoming and functional. If the dimensions allow it, a carpet can also be included in the walk in closet, which warms the atmosphere and makes the swalk-in pace in which you dress or undress more comfortable.

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