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Home improvement: A complete guide to renovating your home (flat, loft, villa, etc.)

Home improvement

How to make an home improvement? Where should one start? What details do you need to pay particular attention to? What mistakes should absolutely be avoided? How do you choose the most competent professionals to be entrusted with structural work? And who should be entrusted with the interior work, the various finishes and the choice of furniture , accessories and appliances?

If you are looking for the best advice on how to tackle the renovation of your home with complete peace of mind, you are in the right place. In fact, this article is a valuable guide that will give you the most fundamental tips on how to renovate a private location. The tips you will read are valid for any type of dwelling, be it a flat, a loft, a villa, a chalet, a cottage or any other type of accommodation.

Our guide will follow you step-by-step, sharing with you all the tips for completing your renovation project, both in terms of style and furnishings and materials. More generally, we will show you which points you need to pay the utmost attention to so that the interior design project is stylistically appropriate and will last over time. In this sense, we will also show you what requirements a good interior designer must have, because the choice of the professional to whom you entrust the renovation of the rooms is always crucial.

Having said this, we can begin our guide on how to make home improvement. Let’s start with the first and most urgent tips concerning the renovation of private flats.

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Before home improvement: a thorough technical assessment

Every successful renovation starts with an analysis of the starting situation. In other words: what is the current state of the house, flat or villa? In fact, before even thinking about where you want to get to, it is essential to establish with absolute precision where you are starting from.

This is a must in order to establish what different renovation measures are to be envisaged and, above all, what their priorities are. The preliminary assessment is also useful in order to have a fairly precise idea of the costs, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later on. Indeed, it is not uncommon for the client to end up home improvement with a final outlay that is much higher than he had budgeted. This must not happen.

Therefore, the interior designer entrusted with the project must carry out an inspection and then draw up an accurate technical report. It is this document that forms the basis of the subsequent estimate and guides the entire interior design project. Without this indispensable step, one runs the risk of proceeding in an unorganised manner, thus exposing oneself to the risk of substantial corrections during the course of the project. This is bound to have an impact on the final result of the renovation, as well as on the delivery time.

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Home improvement

Structural work: the first step to an effective renovation

Home improvement means first of all knocking down the walls that need to be removed and removing all the furniture that needs to be replaced, such as the fireplace or fixed furnishings in the kitchen, bathroom and so on.

Once all the elements that do not fit into the new design have been eliminated, it is time to create the tracks, then lay the sheaths, fix the slabs that will house the floors and, finally, carry out the plumbing, drains and the electrical system. It is precisely at this stage of the renovation that the connection to the gas, electricity, telephone, etc. networks is made.

It is also at this stage that the various thermal insulations of external walls, the roof, the attic are taken care of. Given the large number of activities, it is clear that home improvement is a rather complex operation. And you can understand why it is essential to rely on a firm that knows how to safely govern the various works and the bureaucracy that goes with them.

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The renovation project gets underway: how to structure the different living spaces?

The most urgent and most demanding structural work has been completed. From now on, home improvement means dealing with the individual rooms – the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms etc. – in order to give the house an identity. -, to give an identity to the home, in accordance with the interior design project.

Let’s take a few examples. This is the moment when one deals with the materials of the floors, the plaster and the colour to be given to the walls, the definition of the window and door frames and – more generally – the light points, the furniture to be introduced in the individual rooms and their arrangement.

In short: this is the moment when the furnishing project really comes into its own. And it is precisely here that one begins to see the designer’s hand, i.e. his ability to make a difference. The aim is to create rooms that are at the same time comfortable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Home improvement

The renovation reaches its final stages: time to think about interior design

Having reached this point in the renovation, the actual interior design comes into the picture. It is in fact now that the furniture, accessories, furnishings, appliances, fabrics, carpets, lighting points and so on are placed in each room of the house.

We therefore find ourselves in the final part of what are the tasks of home furnishing. That is to say, we find ourselves at the moment when the interior designer concretises the interior design project into reality. He does this by introducing into the flat everything needed to give a precise identity, a style, a soul to the different home spaces.

Home improvement also means taking care of the exterior…

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not think about this, because they are focused on the choice of interiors. However, it is true that a renovation project also has to deal with outdoor spaces.

In fact, once the interior has been completed, it is only natural to conclude the renovation work by arranging the outdoor spaces outside the home as well.

It doesn’t matter how extensive the outdoors is. It can be the large garden of an important villa as well as a few balconies or a terrace of a flat: it makes no difference. Whatever the situation, in order to make an home improvement impeccably, the exterior must also be taken care of with due attention.

Specifically, the interior designer’s goal is to make the outdoor spaces both beautiful and usable, evaluating the most appropriate furnishing solutions.

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Home improvement

How to choose the interior designer for your home improvement?

How to make your  home improvement? Well, the solution necessarily involves choosing the right interior designer. That is to say, choosing a professional or a firm of professionals who can confidently support you at every stage of the renovation.

But how can you select the right interior expert for your room renovation project? Not all renovations are the same because not all have the same requirements and difficulties. However, in general, it is possible to outline the essential characteristics that the person who will study, coordinate and complete the renovation of your home, whatever it may be, must possess.

Let us therefore see what these characteristics are and why they have such an impact on a home improvement project.

– Ability to provide a turnkey project

One interlocutor must follow all the work from start to finish . One contact person must interface and coordinate all the different craftsmen who will work in the various stages of the renovation. For example, having a single contact person is essential to always know where the work stands and how it is progressing.

– Speed of execution

Home improvementcan be a very traumatic experience when you rely on the wrong firm. Timeframes can indeed extend out of all proportion, thus inflating the costs of the work. On the contrary, an experienced interior designer will know how to be quick in making choices and how to coordinate the diverse team of craftsmen in a streamlined and fast manner.

– Long-standing experience

Would you entrust the renovation of your home to someone with inadequate experience? Certainly not. Because home improvement is a demanding job, which requires the intervention of a very experienced project leader. This will enable you to avoid all the problems we have discussed in the previous points.

– Direct relationship with the project leader

It is often difficult for renovation clients to be kept up-to-date on the progress of the work by their contact persons in the firm. This is a serious shortcoming, which has serious repercussions on the relationship between the firm itself and its clients. In fact, the correct behaviour is the opposite: there must be open and constant communication between client and project leader.

– Ability to select the best craftsmen

Home improvementdoes not mean relying on craftsmen chosen more or less at random, because they are not all equal. On the contrary, a conscientious project manager is able to select the craftsmen who are the best for the specific renovation needs of the specific project. And this also applies to materials, fabrics, colours, furniture, accessories, etc.

Home improvement

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Each phase follows a precise path and is documented. From floor plans to prototyping, the best choices are made from the outset: materials, colours, wood finishes and polishes, stucco effects. By turning to us, you will therefore be assured of excellent customer care, which will follow you through each step of your room renovation project. CONTACT US

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