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Hinged door wardrobes: a guide to choosing the right solution for your home

Hinged door wardrobes: a guide to choosing the right solution for your home

When furnishing a bedroom, the choice between wardrobes with hinged doors and wardrobes with sliding doors is one of the dilemmas that most torment customers.

Simplifying matters are the many advantages offered by hinged door wardrobes, which are extremely versatile and functional and, at the same time, capable of adapting to the most diverse situations.

All the advantages of a wardrobe with hinged doors

When we think of a wardrobe, the image that generally materialises in our minds is that of a cabinet with hinged doors. This is in fact the classic structure of wardrobes, which have been used for centuries both as wardrobes and to store household linen. Compared to the past, today’s wardrobes are on average larger and there are more options to choose from in terms of materials and design.

The main advantage of wardrobes with hinged doors is their versatility. Modern solutions are modular and easily assembled. In this way, the wardrobe is able to adapt to the characteristics of the room in which it is placed and makes the best use of space, both in width and height.

When there are no space problems, wardrobes with six or more doors can be realised, as well as corner or horseshoe solutions. In larger spaces, walk-in or dressing room modules can also be inserted, which replicate the experience of a walk-in wardrobe in a certain sense. If the floor space of the house is small, on the other hand, one could optimise the use of space by resorting to bridge wardrobes, which are very practical and functional.

Compared to wardrobes with sliding doors, then, models with hinged doors allow you to control the entire contents of the wardrobe at once. Simply open all the doors and you have a complete overview of your wardrobe. This wardrobe feature is especially useful when you need to reorganise the arrangement of your clothes, especially when changing seasons. In sliding door wardrobes, on the other hand, part of the wardrobe is always hidden by the doors, which overlap one another.

A wardrobe with hinged doors is also the best choice when you are looking for a piece of furniture with reduced depth and bulk. Being able to develop more in height, wardrobes with hinged doors can potentially offer a greater amount of space, useful for storing clothes and linen neatly.

When are hinged door wardrobes the best choice?

Hinged door wardrobes are the best solution for furnishing unconventional spaces in the home. As well as in the bedroom, you might decide to place a wardrobe of this type in a hallway or under stairs. In such cases, the possibility of customising the height, width and depth of the cabinet is a decisive factor in the choice of furniture.

But there is much more to tell about. For example, the flexibility of hinged door wardrobes is not only expressed in terms of design. The wardrobe can easily be customised by adding visible modules, integrating external drawers, providing space for a TV, inserting shelves and so on.

In terms of the materials used, the hinged door wardrobe is also quite versatile. While wood is the most commonly used material for the structure, there is no shortage of options with mirrored doors or glass elements. The interior designer’s options are many.

In other words: the availability of models with traditional lines as well as minimalist and contemporary wardrobes can satisfy everyone’s taste and allow for the creation of a piece of furniture that best reflects the preferences of the home’s inhabitants.

How do you find the right hinged door wardrobe for your home?

Once the structure of the wardrobe has been defined with the interior designer, it is time to select the materials and style of the furniture. Wood, when left in its natural colour, is an excellent solution for homes furnished in a classic style. And it is also so for those who have chosen a Nordic or rustic style. Painted wood, on the other hand, is more suitable for contemporary style homes. Thanks to the possibility of customising the colour, it is then possible to find the shade that best suits the room.

A wardrobe with a simple line can then be enhanced by details. The choice between the use of visible handles or groove handles, for example, can make a difference and make the cabinet closer to a classic style or closer to a contemporary style.

When choosing a wardrobe, you must also take into account how you plan to use the space. The ideal piece of furniture will be different for the master bedroom and for the guest bedroom. And again: the structure will be different if it is the only wardrobe in the house or if the cabinet is only meant to hold everyday items.

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