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Headboard: Classic,modern, romantic or essential, how to choose it


How pleasant it is to be in a comfortable bed!

After a long day at work or during the weekend, when you can finally indulge in some much-desired slow time, spending time in perfect relaxation in your bed is the best thing you can imagine: reading, sleeping, watching TV, simply resting.

There is therefore a need, when furnishing the room, to provide a bed that allows all these activities to take place and is also beautiful to look at. An interesting solution, used since time immemorial and now remodelled from a modern perspective, is the headboard bed.

What is it and what are the functions of the headboard?

It is, in simple terms, the vertical part at the top, where the pillows are. It is usually placed against the wall, but this is not necessarily the case, because the bed can also be in the middle of the room (and at that point, a headboard will make it a piece of furniture that can also have a dividing function), it is often integrated into the structure itself.

It can be made of various materials, and its main task is to provide support for the head, so that one can sit or stand slightly elevated. However, the aesthetic effect it can create should not be underestimated.

When the headboard also becomes space-saving


The headboard can be integrated in both singles and doubles and must be chosen according to the style of the bed itself and the room, and the habits of those who use it for reading, TV, or using PCs in bed. As is often the case, the aim is to find the right balance between practicality, design and comfort.

One can therefore choose padded models, add adjustable lumbar supports to adapt the position to one’s needs, lights or audio devices, storage compartments to store mobile phones, books, glasses or remote controls, among other things saving space on bedside tables or possible shelves, making it a dynamic space-saving solution. A convenient and technological idea is to insert USB sockets for charging devices.

From structure to upholstery, the materials for the headboard

You can choose different combinations of materials and colours, always starting from the style of the room, with special attention to the finish. Over time and according to one’s interior design, as with many pieces of furniture and furnishings, trends, materials and colours change.

In the classic style, for beds of a certain importance, even structural, one opts for solid or solid wood headboards, the same material as the frames, often inlaid with details to enrich it, such as flowers or leaves. In a modern style, the materials can again be wood, which as we know is evergreen, metals or environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions, so in addition to wood, bamboo or rattan.

Shapes and upholstery, how it changes from classic to modern


There are also different headboard lines for classic and contemporary rooms. If in the first case rounded and soft shapes are preferred, for an imposing and at the same time romantic ensemble, the modern headboard is essential, often square, minimalist even in its details. A very comfortable and at the same time design element is the upholstery.

It can be provided in a natural, anti-allergic, absorbent fabric that also has thermoregulating and insulating capacities, such as linen or cotton, while for a more elegant and classic effect, velvet or silk can be substituted, which can also be used for finishing touches and fine details, together with satin.

For those who want to be daring: a modern headboard with personality!

In the modern style, there is a tendency to clean forms but at the same time to be daring when it comes to the colours of the headboard. If in the classic style light tones prevail, from white to beige to pearl grey, in a more contemporary style you can choose other colours or even, creating something with extreme personality, go for prints, with floral, geometric, abstract or figure motifs.

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