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Review:Luxury and craftsmanship: The story of Hastens beds

Hastens beds

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The unique advantages of horsehair in mattress upholstery

Hastens beds is a luxury mattress brand that has been in business for over 140 years. With a reputation for quality, craftsmanship and exclusivity, the company has established itself as a leader in the luxury bed mattress industry. The company is headquartered in Sweden and is known for its high-quality, handcrafted mattresses and bedding products made from only the best natural materials.

One of the distinctive features of these beds is the use of horsehair in the mattress cover. Horsehair is a unique and highly sought-after material that has the ability to absorb moisture and provide excellent support for the body. The natural resilience of horsehair ensures that the mattress retains its shape and support over time. This is especially beneficial for those suffering from back pain, as it provides more precise support and comfort. Horsehair is also known for its durability: it can last up to 25 years and even longer, making it an excellent investment. The horsehair used by Hastens beds comes from a family farm in Germany, where the horses are treated with care and respect and the hair is obtained humanely.

Hastens beds

The use of natural materials in Hastens beds mattresses

.. The use of natural materials also ensures that the mattresses are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, making them an environmentally friendly option. The cotton used in the mattresses is also Oeko-Tex certified, which means it is free of harmful substances and is safe for human use. The linen used in the mattresses is also sustainably grown and carefully treated to ensure the highest quality.

The pocket sprung system and its impact on sleep quality

Another unique aspect of Hastens beds is the pocket sprung system used in their construction. The pocket spring system consists of individually wrapping each coil spring in a fabric. This not only provides more precise support, but also helps to increase the durability of the mattress. The system also prevents movement from one side of the bed to the other, ensuring that both partners can sleep undisturbed. This allows for a more comfortable and undisturbed sleep, as well as reducing partner disturbance. The pocket sprung system is also adjustable, which means that the firmness of the mattress can be customised to the customer’s preferences.

The brand’s bed mattresses are also renowned for their quality and craftsmanship. The company offers a wide range of products, including sheets, duvets and pillows, all made with the same attention to detail as the mattresses. The sheets are made from high-quality cotton and are available in a range of thread counts to ensure softness and comfort to the touch. The duvets and pillows are also made from natural materials such as down and goose down, making them warm and light. The goose down used in the duvets is also RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified, which guarantees that the down and feathers used in the products are ethically sourced and not obtained from live plucked geese.

Hastens beds

The commitment to quality and craftsmanship of Hastens beds mattresses and exclusive availability.

One of the distinguishing features of Hastens beds is the company’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. All products are handmade by skilled craftsmen in the factory in Köping, Sweden. This level of craftsmanship is reflected in the high quality and durability of the products. The company also offers a wide range of customisation options, including different stiffness levels and sizes, to ensure that each customer can find the perfect bed for their needs. This level of customisation and attention to detail is what sets it apart from other luxury mattress brands.

Another aspect of the brand is its exclusivity and reputation for luxury. Hastens beds products are considered luxury items and therefore command a high price. They are not available in large retail chains and can only be purchased through selected retailers. This exclusivity testifies to the quality of the products and the company’s commitment to providing a luxury mattress experience. The brand exclusivity also serves to maintain the high quality of the products and to ensure that customers receive the best customer service.

In addition to mattress products, Hastens beds also offers a range of complementary furniture and accessories to complete the luxury bedroom experience. These include bed frames, headboards and mattresses in a variety of styles, textures and colours. Bed frames are made of solid wood to ensure their sturdiness and durability. The headboards are also available in various styles, from traditional to modern, and can be customised according to customer preferences. The bed mattress is available in a wide range of colours and patterns, so it is easy for customers to find the perfect match for their bedroom decor.

The company is also known for its exceptional customer service. The company has qualified sleep consultants who are available to help customers find the perfect bed and mattresses for their needs. The company also offers a home trial programme, where customers can test the bed in their own home for a limited period before making a final decision. This ensures that customers are completely satisfied with their purchase.

In conclusion, Hastens beds is a brand that stands for luxury, quality and craftsmanship. The use of natural materials, unique construction methods and a wide range of customisation options make this company’s beds and mattress products some of the most comfortable and durable on the market. The company’s commitment to providing a luxury mattress experience is evident in the exclusivity of the brand, the wide range of complementary furniture and accessories available, and the exceptional customer service. If you are looking for a bed that offers the perfect combination of comfort, support and luxury, this brand is definitely worth considering.

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