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Grey kitchen: how to use the colour grey to make your kitchen unique and inimitable!

Grey kitchen

Installing a grey kitchen in your home is a great idea, because this contributes to an ambience that is elegant, sober and modern-looking.

In the kitchen, grey is one of the most versatile colours of all and can be offered in an infinite number of variations. For example, it can be proposed in its lightest shades to help create a bright and welcoming decor, while in darker tones it enhances the elegance of the lines of the furniture. Playing with different shades, creating a grey scale, is another option to consider, to emphasise certain points in the kitchen and create an intriguing balance of light and shade.

What are the advantages of grey kitchens?

Grey is among the most popular colours among interior designers and decorators. In kitchen design projects, this colour is often chosen for its ability to give the room an elegant and refined look, and for its ability to interpret the characteristics of different styles in an excellent way.

A grey kitchen can be interpreted in an infinite number of ways: you can give it an industrial or shabby chic look , for example, or you can give it a more contemporary look, in this case choosing furniture with a finish that creates a concrete effect.

One of the most common concerns when choosing to install a coloured kitchen is whether the colour will be consistent with the space or create an unharmonious result. With grey, these fears are unfounded. By modulating the different shades, it is in fact possible to achieve an optimal result, whether in large kitchens or small rooms.

It doesn’t end there. Grey is the ideal colour for a large kitchen with an island in an open-plan area, but also for a kitchen in an attic concentrated in a few square metres. A trick used by interior designers to brighten up small rooms, without giving up a touch of colour, is to go for lighter shades of grey. Conversely, in large spaces, it is preferable to use darker shades of grey, which are better able to give character and personality to the room in which food is prepared.

The colour grey is particularly popular with those who specialise in designing modern kitchens . In addition to its elegance, this colour wins everyone over because of its ability to adapt to a wide variety of materials. Grey kitchen furniture really stands out when combined with elements in wood, natural stone, ceramic or resin. And these are just some of the possible examples.

Grey kitchen

Three tips to get the most out of grey kitchen furniture

To give a unique touch to a grey kitchen, you can use the colour grey as a basic neutral shade, which can then be complemented with coloured decorative elements. For example, enriching grey kitchens with a luxury carpet in bright colours or with textiles in pastel shades are solutions that demonstrate well how the result can be customised and with little effort.

To emphasise the kitchen and make the furniture design stand out, it is very important to create a nice balance between the colour of the wall cabinets and worktops and the colour of the walls and floors. What then? You can opt for a marble floor that echoes the colour used for the kitchen top and island, or you can play on the contrast between the cold grey of the furniture and the warm colour of the parquet.

For the walls, on the other hand, it is always advisable to make a contrasting choice, opting for light and uniform colours, when dealing with dark grey furniture, and for wallpaper or coloured paints, when dealing with light kitchens.

Grey kitchen

How best to use the colour grey in the kitchen?

A grey kitchen can completely change its face, depending on the type of finish you choose. For example, cabinets with a matt finish and a uniform colour are excellent for those looking for an elegant and discreet result. On the other hand, glossy effect wall units immediately give a more contemporary and fresh character to the kitchen.

A versatile and original alternative is material-effect grey cabinets. This type of finish breaks the uniformity that characterises traditional finishes and stimulates both sight and touch.

Those who want to give a contemporary and original look to their grey kitchen can also opt for concrete effect details. This workmanship, when used for worktops or the outer cladding of wall units, gives the room in which food is cooked an appearance that is both elegant and rustic. The final effect is very interesting indeed.

What can we say in conclusion? Grey is a colour that can be used in many different ways in kitchens. By placing light and dark shades side by side, for example, you can give depth and character to the decor. In the presence of an island or peninsula, a grey cladding can create a nice contrast with wall-mounted wall units or, possibly, with the snack top or table integrated in the island. In short: a grey kitchen is a type of furniture that is often overlooked, but deserves to be rediscovered, because the shade is certainly one that lends itself to so many furnishing solutions!

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