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Everything in view! The glass wardrobe combines design and elegance with functionality

 glass wardrobe

A wardrobe that is not only functional but also elegant: glass is a solution

Integrating one of the indispensable and most functional pieces of furniture in the entire home, to be placed in every room, with a material of undeniable charm, to make it something aesthetic, elegant and unique: this is the aim of those who choose glass wardrobe for any room.

With glass wardrobe, furniture becomes design

It is well known that wardrobes are generally never enough, because one has many objects to store in them, if one is talking about kitchen and living room furniture, or many clothes to make room for, in bedrooms or entrances, even in corridors, which would otherwise be lost. In bedrooms, those who like to highlight their clothes opt for a walk-in wardrobe, perhaps open: a glass wardrobe can take on the same function and is an idea for every room to make the wardrobe a true design element.

With a glass wardrobe, everything is in view. Pay attention to order!

In fact, people are always looking for ways to divert furniture from its purely practical function, in this case as storage space, and turn it into an aesthetic object that contributes to the sense of beauty in the home. The glass wardrobe is undoubtedly a solution capable of making a room unique, adaptable to various contexts.

Those who choose to use this material, however, whether alone or in combination with others, must bear in mind that they will have to maintain order inside the wardrobe: they will not be able to pile one object on top of another without logic, simply throwing them inside, since everything, from the dishes in the kitchen and living room to the clothes in the room, will be visible. This is the same concept that applies to walk-in wardrobes or open cupboards without doors: they are not designed for the untidy. It should also be taken into account that there will be no ‘privacy’ in the sense that what is inside will be seen. On the other hand, it is perfect if you want to somewhat expose the contents of the cupboard.

 glass wardrobe

Brightness and transparency, the characteristics of glass wardrobe

Having said this, the characteristics that make a glass wardrobe a design, elegant and refined choice are several. The best known qualities of glass are that it is transparent and reflects light. A piece of furniture made of this material, and therefore also a wardrobe, is capable of making the room in which it is placed brighter and more airy.

It is therefore an interesting idea for not very large spaces that one would like to make visually more spacious. Interesting is the effect created by the light, capable of creating priceless plays with both LEDs and natural light. Of course, glass cabinets must be maintained with special care: you cannot leave any fingerprints otherwise they will show through the lighting and ruin the whole effect. But they are relatively easy to maintain.

From living room to office, glass wardrobe for every room

A glass wardrobe is suitable for any room in the house.

It can be placed in the living room, where it brings an invaluable sense of elegance, perfect for inserting decorative objects, which themselves become design objects, the same goes for the kitchen with sets of plates and glasses. It is good for the bedroom, where it adds a feeling of originality and luxury to the room and clothes. In an office, it is ideal for storing books or documents that need to be displayed and add to the aura of professionalism of the room. They can also be placed in bathrooms and hallways.

 glass wardrobe

Glass but not only: other materials can be combined

Glass does not have to be the only material, if it appears too different from the rest of the furniture (which can also be its strong point) or too bright and light. It can be combined, for example, with wood, with the structure in the latter material and the doors in glass. For a modern effect, a glass cabinet can be purchased with steel or metal for a contemporary look. If you want to make the ensemble less bright, the glass can be chosen opaque.

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