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The priceless brightness and versatility of glass tables

glass tables

The glass table is perfect for every room

Versatile, suitable for every environment, from the most classic to the modern, capable of combining with all other imaginable materials for furniture and furnishing accessories. Moreover, they are endowed with an unrivalled luminosity, ready to become the focal point of a room, whether it has plenty of natural light or less, or even captures that of chandeliers. The pros of choosing glass tables, whether for the kitchen, the hall or even an office or meeting room, are innumerable.

What you need to take into account when choosing your table

Choosing a table is often a dilemma, because you want something that is not too demanding from a maintenance point of view, especially if you do not always have a lot of time to clean or have children or animals in the house. At the same time, you want to opt for a table that can make its mark, adding a touch of design to the room, whether it is to be used to gather around to eat or as a table where you can place your remote control and newspapers in front of the TV, or even to be used for your meetings. Finding a compromise between the various requirements is not easy, moreover when it comes to a table you also have to choose the right shape, from round to rectangular. And finally matching it to the design of the room and the house. Tables made of glass are the perfect answer to every need, capable of adding a touch of sophistication to any room. 

glass tables

The advantages of glass tables: suitable for every design

As mentioned, their first advantage is aesthetic. A glass table goes just as well with a classical and even majestic décor as with a minimal and very modern one, thanks to the versatility of the material. The aesthetics will be whatever shape one chooses, so a more rounded and symmetrical one for a classic design or a square, elegant and refined one.

Interior design trends speak of an increased sensitivity to ecology and everything that is environmentally friendly and sustainable. Glass tables also respond perfectly to these characteristics: in fact, glass is totally recyclable and moreover does not contain paints or chemicals.

Natural, coloured or smoked glass is always bright

But the main advantage of glass, in general, is its luminosity. It allows light to pass through and reflects it, creating interesting plays of light. It is ready to become the star of the room! An original variant, if you want something different from natural glass, are coloured or textured glass tables. The brightness and ability to create special effects remain, a touch of colour is added. At that point, the advice is to make it the focal point of the room. Another option is smoked glass, i.e. very dark grey. It is advisable, however, especially in large rooms, while for those that are not very large, a natural or otherwise clear glass will have the ability to optically expand the space.

glass tables

Glass tables are resistant and hygienic. But beware of scratches

Glass, whether natural or coloured, is not discoloured by the sun, so it is something durable, even in a spot where it receives direct sunlight (creating a spectacular optical effect) or outside. If it appears to be a weak material, it is not at all: it does not deform with heat, for example. On the other hand, special care must be taken not to scratch it, because unlike other materials, the damage would be obvious. However, it is not porous, which makes it more hygienic than, for example, glass. Bacteria cannot lurk in it. And as far as cleaning is concerned, just as it is true that a knock or a finger is unpleasant to see, it is also true that it is easy to clean. Just give it a little maintenance and it will always look great!

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