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Elegant, light, resistant, bright: some reasons to choose a glass coffee table

glass coffee table

Living room, a combination of functionality and beauty

The living room is the room that, par excellence, must find a compromise between functionality and comfort; think of solutions such as reclining sofas and those with a relaxation mechanism, designed to facilitate rest, and representativeness. In it, every detail is of the utmost importance and can really make a difference, not only the furniture considered to be the main item, such as the sofa and table. One choice that can add an extra touch to any room is a glass coffee table.

Next to the sofa, you cannot do without a coffee table. And a glass coffee table suits every style

The coffee table next to the sofa is an often underestimated but very important piece of furniture, not only from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, it provides a top, comfortable for those sitting, to rest objects such as the TV remote control, glasses, mobile phone, a book. It must therefore be of the correct height according to the sofa itself or the armchair, so that it can be easily reached, positioned at the right distance but in a way that does not cause discomfort. There are countless models on the market, depending on the styles and materials of the entire living room and the desired shape. Using glass is an option for every interior design.

The characteristics of a glass coffee table next to the sofa

It is in fact a perfect material for both classic and more modern furnishings. It lends brightness, brings an invaluable aura of elegance; at the same time, contrary to popular belief, it is easy to maintain and clean and, if well maintained, lasts a long time. Therefore, a glass coffee table is just as suitable for modern living rooms as it is for contemporary settings, whether glass is already present in other pieces of furniture, for example the table top, the doors of a sideboard or wardrobe, the doors of a bookcase, in a wall unit, or if it is the only object made of this material. It combines with many other materials with ease, becoming a perfect complement.

The glass coffee table will brighten up the room

Thanks to its characteristic of being pierced by light, glass brings brightness to any context, giving the visual impression of enlarging the space, a feature that is always appreciable but particularly to be kept in mind if you have a not immense square footage and want it to seem larger. To best enhance this endowment, the glass coffee table should be placed in a strategic light spot, where it can capture, creating unique effects, the natural light from a window or that of a chandelier or LED spotlights, or even of a reading lamp positioned next to an armchair or sofa. Whatever its structure, it will be a light piece of furniture and will add a touch of elegance to the entire living room, with great discretion.

glass coffee table

From wood to aluminium, the materials that can be combined in a glass coffee table

A sofa table can be made entirely of glass material or be combined with others. Being very versatile, the choice is wide: you can have a wooden frame and a glass top, or have the legs or the supporting part in metal with a glass top, or you can envisage the structure entirely in glass with metal inserts, in iron or aluminium. Stainless steel will give a contemporary look, while the wood option brings home warmth and cosiness.

Opaque or coloured glass for those who want something unique

glass coffee table

Tempered glass is often used, which is even stronger than glass and safer because it shatters into larger, less sharp pieces if broken. It has been said that a glass coffee table is able to let light shine through it: for a completely different look, you can opt for an opaque top, which instead diffuses the light. It will therefore be less bright and bring with it a cosy and intimate atmosphere. For those who want something special, glass can be coloured or decorated.

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