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Glass cabinets: tips on how to use one or more glass cabinets to furnish rooms in your home

Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets are a type of traditional furniture that is making a strong comeback. It is in fact a piece of furniture that is both versatile and functional, able to adapt to different styles and which can consequently have various uses.

A showcase can be the ideal complement to living rooms and lounges, for example, but it can also be used in bedrooms and offices. In this article we give you all the most useful tips for inserting them in the different spaces of your home, whatever it may be.

How to use glass cabinets in your home?

Traditionally, glass cabinets are used to showcase utensils and household objects. Within the shelves of these cabinets, there is usually space for dinner services, precious cutlery, glasses or other items used in the kitchen.

More recently, glass cabinets have become a real object of desire for collectors. Thanks to the fact that inside a showcase the contents are at the same time visible but protected, it is possible to display the objects one collects without worrying too much about dust. A collectors’ showcase can accommodate the most diverse objects: from coins and bottles to souvenirs, minerals and statuettes.

Generally speaking, a display cabinet is the ideal solution if you want to enhance and bring to the fore objects in your home. Offering visibility and shelter, these cabinets are in fact perfect for displaying valuable items, objects you are particularly fond of, or design items that you prefer to keep gathered together and in plain sight, rather than scattered around the house or hidden in drawers.

In which spaces in the home is it appropriate to place one or more glass cabinets?

Glass cabinets

The most typical location for glass cabinets is in the living area of the home, in the living room or in the living room, depending on how the space in the home is structured. This arrangement is the natural one for glass cabinets used for collecting crockery, glasses and kitchen objects.

When deciding to put a display cabinet in the kitchen, you can opt for a cabinet that has the same style as the rest of the room, or you can make the opposite choice and go for a cabinet made of contrasting materials and colours. In a kitchen with wooden furniture with classic lines, for example, you can consider inserting a display cabinet with a wooden structure and glass doors, or an all-transparent cabinet with aluminium profiles and glass elements.

Those who want to make a less classical use of it may decide to insert a showcase in a bedroom, in a basement or in a study. Here too, the variety of sizes, finishes and designs ensures a wide range of choice.

Regardless of the room in which you want to insert the showcase, you must consider that, of all the furniture present, it is among those which attract the most attention. For this reason, it is very important to think about the overall harmony that is created between the showcase and the rest of the furniture.


How do you choose the type of display cabinet best suited to your home environment?

Glass cabinets

To be able to find the right showcase for your home, you must first consider the size of the cabinet. The possibilities are almost endless: there are so many different models, with varying heights, widths and depths. This means that whatever furnishing style you choose, you can find a cabinet that ideally fits the space. This is certainly thanks to customised design .

The structure and materials from which the showcase is made are elements to be considered with equal care. The most traditional models have a wooden structure that is complemented by glass or crystal elements. Depending on one’s needs, one can consider a showcase composed only of visible shelves or a model that has the upper part with an open structure and the lower part equipped with drawers or compartments closed by doors.

Modern style glass cabinets have a slimmer and more minimalist structure, made entirely of glass or crystal or with metal elements. In the latter case, aluminium or steel is generally used, two materials that are able to fit ideally into an environment furnished with contemporary or industrial style furniture.

To be able to find the ideal model for your home, it is also important to consider the number of shelves you need. In addition to cabinets with fixed shelves, you can also consider models with adjustable shelves. The latter provide more flexibility, as they allow the shelves to be positioned at the desired height and more shelves to be added if necessary.

When evaluating different models of display cabinets, it is always worth considering the convenience of cabinets with integrated lighting. In fact, the presence of LED lights makes it possible to enhance the contents of the showcase and add a point of light inside the room, with very low consumption and a high level of energy efficiency.

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