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Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed: design and quality that make your home unique

Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed design and quality that make your home unique

Gervasoni is a historic brand of furniture design made in Italy. In over a century of history, the brand has been able to create furniture lines that have become true style icons. An example of thisis the Ghost line, designed in collaboration with Paola Navone. The line includes beautifully crafted sofas, beds, armchairs and sofa beds. The Ghost sofa bed, in particular, is an extremely versatile piece of furniture, perfect for a variety of circumstances.

What makes the Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed so special?

The Ghost line by Gervasoni is characterised by an essential design and the use of high quality materials. Born from the imagination of the famous designer Paola Navone, the Ghost line consists of various furnishing elements: from armchairs to sofas, passing through beds and ottomans. The sofa bed is the most suitable solution for those who need to furnish the space in their home with a 2- or 3-seater sofa and for those who need an extra bed at the same time.

A Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed can find space, for example, in a house that does not have a guest room or in second homes. Whenever there is the need to host friends or family, thanks to the presence of a Ghost model in a few moments you can make a comfortable bed, which has nothing to envy to traditional beds.

Within the Ghost line there are three different sofa bed models, which differ in size and in the materials used for the bed. The Ghost 13 and Ghost 15 models are the most compact. When closed they occupy a space of 180 or 200 centimetres, while when opened they extend 244 centimetres in length.

In bed mode, the Gervasoni Ghost sofa model can comfortably accommodate one or two people. The mattress, as wellas the seat of the sofa, is made of polyurethane foam. Both the mattress cover and the outer cover are removable and washable or can be replaced with little effort.

Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed design and quality that make your home unique

The characteristics of the Gervasoni line

The structure of the sofa is solid and resistant, thanks to the presence of solid wood and plywood parts. In the smaller sofa bed models the mattress base is foldable and made of painted metal. The bed base and mattress can be pulled out and closed in a very simple manner. Those who prefer to sleep on a larger and even more comfortable sofa can choose the Gervasoni Ghost 19 model. The sofa is more spacious, because it measures 220 centimetres, and has a folding bed base made of wooden slats.

There are several strengths of the Gervasoni Ghost sofa beds. In addition to the solid structure and materials, which together guarantee a regenerating rest and a comfortable and enveloping seat, the models in the line are able to adapt to environments of various sizes and style. In short, a Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed is a guarantee of quality and durability.

Thanks to the possibility of choosing between four different types of covering, everyone can select the colour, material and finish they prefer for the covering. Each sofa is then equipped with two or three decorative cushions, with a padding made of mixed down.

Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed design and quality that make your home unique

Why choose a Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed?

Gervasoni is a brand synonymous with quality and attention to detail. Those who choose the Ghost line are guaranteed to embellish their home with furniture that has all the quality of Gervasoni creations and the refined design created by Paola Navone.

Ghost sofa beds can easily become the protagonists of the furnishing of the living room of your home. The sofa with comfortable and spacious seating is ready to be transformed into a cosy double bed in just a few seconds. All Ghost sofa bed models manage to combine functionality and high-level design in a single product.

If the size of the room allow sit, you can place other upholstered items from the line alongside the Gervasoni Ghost sofa bed. A pouf, for example, is the ideal complement if you want to add an extra seat. Alternatively, you can add one or more armchairs. Finally, we would like to point out that the covers of all Ghost furniture are removable and are available in a very long list of colours and textures.

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