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Garden lighting: how to choose and position outdoor lights?

Garden lighting

Taking care of garden lighting is important for at least three reasons. Firstly, having a well-lit garden increases its safety: even at night you can move around outdoors and can identify passages, steps and obstacles.

Furthermore, a well-designed lighting system increases the functionality of the outdoors, making it usable for parties, dinners and convivial occasions in general. Finally, choosing quality lights and positioning them strategically also provides beautiful scenic effects that undoubtedly enhance the appearance of the garden.

How to choose garden lighting to make it a design environment

Opting for designer lights to illuminate the garden makes the outdoor spaces of the house more elegant and comfortable. Specifically, designing a lighting system requires a careful study of the environment to define the appropriate amount of light to illuminate the space and achieve the desired visual effects.

In this sense, outdoor spaces should always be considered as an extension of the interior of the house and not as a space in itself. The interior design project should therefore also include the choices of  furniture and Garden lighting. And these decisions should be consistent with the choices made in the interior.

Depending on how the garden is structured and the desired result, different design solutions can be used. Between spotlights embedded in the ground, lights that illuminate from the bottom upwards, suspended lamps, street lamps and adjustable lights, you can create beautiful effects for garden lighting that will leave your guests speechless.

Paying attention to the choice of lights with which to illuminate the outdoors also allows you to create different ambiences within the space. In this way, the garden is transformed into a multifunctional environment that can host barbecues with friends, family gatherings or become the ideal setting for dining out on summer nights.

What are the best garden lamps?

When it comes to garden lighting, there is no absolute best lamp. The best outdoor lamps are those that manage to provide not only the right amount of light, but also the right temperature. At the same time, they are able to enhance the specific features of the garden.

In order to be able to choose the type of lamp to use in the garden, therefore, the available space must be analysed in depth. If there are large trees, it may be useful to place adjustable spotlights at their base, i.e. ones that can be moved, to create an original play of light and shadow.

If you have a swimming pool, it is useful to place lights all around the outside perimeter and also delimiting the area where the deckchairs and loungers are positioned.

During the process of choosing the lights to be used for Garden lighting, the dilemma is often between lights embedded in the ground and street lamps resting on the ground. Both solutions are valid, but one must, of course, make sure that the lampposts do not get in the way of those who care for and maintain the outdoors.

The temperature of the lights used outdoors greatly influences the final effect and can make the garden more or less comfortable. In general, cool lights are preferable if contemporary style furniture has been chosen for the house and garden. on the other hand, warm lights are perfect for a house furnished in a traditional or rustic style.

Garden lighting

Some ideas for garden lighting

Thanks to energy-saving lights, it is possible to perfectly illuminate the garden, thus minimising consumption. Among the most effective solutions are LED lamps and solar-powered spotlights. This second solution is especially perfect for those who want more light in the warmer months. Spotlights are equipped with a battery that stores energy from the sun during the day and then powers the lamps during the night.

LED lights and spotlights can also be used for outdoor decoration. Thanks to ground garden lighting, illuminated paths can be created, stairs and steps can be illuminated or chains of lights can be used to highlight and delimit the space occupied by gazebos and porches.

If you choose to dine in the garden or spend summer evenings outdoors, you can also decide to increase the amount of light in the room. How? By adding moving lights. Lanterns and candles are excellent ideas in this respect: they add to the existing garden lights, gently illuminate and give the space a very warm and equally cosy atmosphere. 

With designer garden lamps, you can achieve beautiful results and personalise the ambience with solutions that are both functional and decorative. Between stylised lamps, models inspired by the shapes of nature and lamps made of natural and eco-friendly materials, everyone can choose the garden lighting solution that is closest to their own style.

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