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Garden couch: how to choose the right model for your outdoor space? The complete guide

Garden couch

A garden couch is a piece of furniture that can undoubtedly make your family’s outdoor moments even more enjoyable.

The quality of the end result depends largely on the ability to select the right sofa model, taking into account the characteristics of the different materials and structures available on the market.

What elements should be considered when choosing a garden couch?

When you dive into the search for the perfect outdoor sofa , you have to pay attention to various elements, to ensure that the result is satisfying both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view. In this article, we will give you the best advice for not making a wrong choice.

The starting point for finding the perfect sofa is the space you have available. This not only influences the size of the sofa, but also its structure. In a large garden, for example, you can consider a corner garden couch with a modular structure, and you can also cover the sofa with an open gazebo or canopy. In a smaller garden, on the other hand, there will only be space for a two- or three-seater garden couch with a non-reclining structure.

The space in which the sofa will be placed must be analysed very carefully, also to identify the best materials. If the sofa will be exposed to sun and weather, it is essential to consider only materials that are resistant to wind, sun and humidity, while if the furniture will be sheltered, more delicate materials can also be considered.

When evaluating the best type of garden couch for your home, do not underestimate the level of maintenance required by each model and the ease with which the furniture can be cleaned. Outdoors even more than indoors, it is essential to choose a structure and materials that can be dried and sanitised quickly and easily. Some of the best solutions in this respect are aluminium and rattan.

Finally, the sofa must be considered in relation to the other outdoor furniture. Coordinating the furniture in question with the tables, armchairs and chairs can help create a harmonious and cosy atmosphere. Shall we take one example out of all? Then we can mention the modern-style outdoor sofa.

Garden couch

What are the best materials for an outdoor sofa?

Durability and strength are the basic characteristics that any garden couch should have. Among the best materials available on the market, wood stands out for its natural beauty and its ability to withstand the elements. Two of the best woods for outdoor sofas are iroko and teak, which are naturally resistant to moisture and UV rays. In addition to these warm-looking and very durable options, other woods can also be considered, as long as they are properly treated to be waterproof.

Those looking for sofas with a lighter and practically indestructible structure may consider models made of plastic products. Today, manufacturers offer furniture with a sleek appearance and use high-quality, elegant and very durable plastics. Among the advantages of garden couchs made of this material are certainly the ease of cleaning and weather resistance.

As already mentioned, rattan is another popular material for outdoor furniture, appreciated for its lightness and durability. The rattan garden couch perfectly resists UV rays and weathering, is easy to maintain and clean, and lasts a very long time.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is one of the best options if ecological and sustainable outdoor furniture is desired. This material allows for durable and lightweight sofas that are easy to move and perfectly suited for both sheltered environments and gardens exposed to sun and rain.

What types of outdoor sofas should be considered for a truly elegant result?

Finding the ideal garden couch for your outdoor space is not easy, as there are many factors to consider, ranging from the technical characteristics of the sofa to the characteristics of the space to be furnished, passing through one’s personal taste and interior design requirements.

If the space to be furnished is limited, the best solution is to go for two or three-seater sofas. In addition to the home garden, this type of sofa can also find a place in other outdoor areas of the house, such as balconies, terraces or small courtyards.

In larger gardens, one can instead consider corner sofas or modular solutions. The former are perfect for making the most of large spaces and creating a cosy and inviting area in which to relax. Modular solutions, on the other hand, are excellent if you want to have the freedom to customise the layout of the sofa according to the needs of the moment, adding or removing pieces and distributing the different elements, such as chaises longues, armchairs and ottomans, in the space.

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