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Going to furniture shops in Switzerland means talking about yourself, here’s why

Furniture shops in Switzerland

Furnishing is more than just choosing furniture

Furnishing a home is not simply arranging a series of furniture in the spaces you have available in a harmonious, functional and practical way.

It is much more: in conclusion, it is putting oneself in the choice of every detail, it is finding combinations of styles, materials and colours that know how to speak of those who will inhabit the spaces, it is declining the infinite possibilities according to one’s needs. Spending a day in a furniture shops in Switzerland goes beyond admiring the fine workmanship of the finishes and the beauty of the furnishings.

Beauty is subjective. The trump card is to show who you are in your own home.

It is getting involved, with one’s own particularities and peculiarities, to create one’s dream home by visiting furniture shops in Switzerland.

By this we don’t just mean the most aesthetically pleasing, because it is clear that the concept of what is pleasing to the eye is absolutely subjective and what may appeal to some may instead be judged out of tune by others: we mean the interior design that most reflects who we are.

The first question to ask yourself is about style

Before you go to a furniture shops in Switzerland, you need to be clear about what you want. Then it is clear how being able to wander through the various possibilities, seeing them juxtaposed against each other, can be the decisive spark that makes you opt for one table rather than another or for a sofa in a certain colour and fabric rather than another.

Without knowing what you want from your home, however, the endless possible choices only complicate matters.

Furniture shops in Switzerland

Modern for those in a hurry, shabby for the romantics

Do you want something extremely minimalist, without any frills too many, organised and rational, possibly multifunctional? A contemporary style is chosen by those who love clear lines, by those who need space exploited to the last centimetre, those who have a hectic life in which they combine many roles and need a living room that becomes a living area for some hours and a study for others.

Those who, on the other hand, choose a classic interior design in furniture shops in Switzerland will want to marry the harmony and softness of more rounded forms, which envelop them in an effect of domestic warmth. For romantics who are keen to recreate a dreamlike atmosphere in their home, shabby chic is perfect. Oriental style, on the other hand, is good for those who espouse a Zen philosophy of life, focused on the here and now.

A professional kitchen or a space to share?

Furniture shops in Switzerland

In short, the style of one’s home already speaks of each of us. So, when entering furniture shops in Switzerland, the aim is to find what best reflects each one. Customisation is the winning way, the one that allows you to tailor various furnishing solutions.

For example, do you want a kitchen like a professional chef’s kitchen where you can cook as if you were in a restaurant? Do you prefer a flowing space where you can share time with guests while you are at the cooker? And if so, do you want people seated around the island counter that will then serve as a table or on double-sided sofas that dynamically demarcate the living room into an open space?

The role of interior designers in furniture shops in Switzerland

Experts have to be good at asking all the right questions in order to steer customers towards the choices that best reflect them. The furniture on sale in furniture shops in Switzerland is endless, but not all of it fits everyone.

At Piccolo you will find qualified people who will help you navigate your way through the thousands of possibilities, finding the right combinations for you, or if necessary, having them made to measure, aiming not only for furniture and accessories but also for unique works of art to give an extra touch to the room.

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