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Furniture for jewelry store, from display cabinets to the sales table. And the light…

Furniture for jewelry store, from display cabinets to the sales table. And the light...

The fascination of jewellery also lies in the furnishings

Gold, diamonds, precious stones, design. Each piece of jewellery has a special soul that makes it unique: think of the emotion of choosing the ring with which you will ask the woman in your life to be united in marriage, or if you are a woman, to receive it. These are unforgettable emotions that make jewellery shops places with a timeless charm. However, they cannot disregard not only what they sell but also how they sell and present it. A magical and refined atmosphere must be created, and in conctract projects, which provide turnkey furnishing and lighting, furniture for jewelry store are of great importance. Indeed, they are indispensable to highlight the preciousness and beauty of rings and necklaces.

A path to putting the customer at ease

How do you furnish a luxury jewellery store? In a way that undoubtedly highlights the lustre of the materials. At the same time, it is necessary to take into account that the customer must be guided to the purchase as soon as he sees the shop window, thanks to virtual merchandising. Buying a piece of jewellery is a time-consuming operation and one must accompany the customer through the merchandise, making him feel at ease. Before choosing furnishings for jewellery shops, it is also necessary to understand what type of shop we are talking about: shops of large chains such as Swarovski or Tiffany, shops of luxury brands, in historic shops often family-run, with years of glorious history, and shops of young entrepreneurs who have recently started up and are playing on contemporaneity. If few brands are sold, the furnishings must be consistent with the philosophy of the brand itself: with Swarovski, for example, there must be crystal.

Light in furniture for jewelry store: to each material its own

Common to all types of jewellery is the importance of light. The colour of the light itself plays a fundamental role and must be chosen, even before the jewellery furnishings, according to what is being sold. A white light tending to a cold tone is perfect for highlighting white gold and silver, for yellow gold choose a warm light, for diamonds and pearls play on a light tending to a cold tone.

Display cabinets and spotlights are essential for furnishing a jewellery store

The main furniture for jewelry storeare the showcases inside which jewellery is stored. They must also be properly illuminated on the inside. Ideal are floodlights and mini floodlights that direct the light precisely towards the jewellery.

Display cabinets are of great importance. They must be elegant and refined but at the same time not steal the scene from the protagonists, i.e. the jewellery they contain: green light therefore to objects with clean and clear lines, without too many frills but at the same time elegant and refined. They must be just the right height to allow you to look into them with agility. Very often materials such as steel or metal are used, if possible in shiny colours such as black or grey. Of course, glass or crystal will abound in all cases. Care should be taken to keep them clean and polished at all times. As far as colours are concerned, one should not create excessive, distracting contrasts. Less precious jewellery can be on raised displays, perhaps in silk or velvet.

Furniture for jewelry store include a sales table or display islands. Here you try on and sell!

Not to be overlooked among the furniture for jewelry storeis the sales table, where salespeople will show and let the jewellery be tried on. Often the actual purchase also takes place there. If you do not want to focus on a single table, which must be both majestic and elegant as well as discreet, you can distribute display islands here and there, i.e. slightly smaller sales points.

The light must always enhance the spot where the person will try on his or her jewellery, the focal point of furniture for jewelry store and related contract projects.

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