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Furnish home: the step-by-step guide to making all the right choices for your luxury furnishing

Furnish home

Furnish home: the step-by-step guide to making all the right choices for your luxury furnishing

How to furnish home? This is one of the most difficult questions to be answered by anyone who has just bought a high-end flat, house or villa. However, the question also concerns those who have done a renovation. Or who, more simply, is faced with the need to renew the furnishings of one or more rooms in their home.

In fact, deciding on home furnishings is not as trivial an operation as one might think. Because there are so many factors at play. Firstly, the characteristics of the rooms in the house must be considered. This is an aspect that requires careful thought. Then, it is necessary to ensure that the furniture is consistent with each other and with the style of the furniture and accessories that may already be present. Moreover, especially if you are starting from scratch, you have to furnish home while taking care to maintain a balance between your own aesthetic tastes, the interior designer’s suggestions and the different constraints that space imposes. Every detail must be weighed and made harmonious with the overall context.

In other words, furnishing a flat, a loft or a villa are very complex activities that require the ability to take into account many factors and many different needs. This is to avoid gross errors and, at the same time, to speed up the operations of choosing, transporting and installing every single piece of furniture, accessory and furnishing item.

So, where do you start when choosing high quality furniture to suit your home? In short, how can you furnish home to transform each room or compartment into a valuable, functional and aesthetically unique environment?

This article is to all intents and purposes a guide that gives a clear and precise answer to the above-mentioned questions. Indeed, we have put ourselves in the shoes of those who have to make complex furnishing choices, trying to help them in their evaluations and subsequent decisions. From a certain point of view, ours is a step-by-step manual, containing useful advice on how to avoid the most common mistakes, so that there are no mishaps and you can keep to the deadlines set in the interior design project. From another point of view, this guide will provide the best indications for furnish home with functional and valuable furniture, revealing the secrets of the best interior designers – and the criteria for choosing one who is competent and reliable.

How to furnish a luxury home?
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First piece of advice: avoid do-it-yourself

Often, the first temptation of those who have to furnish a house is to resort to do-it-yourself. In other words, you feel so sure of your own ideas and preferences about furniture and its style that you want to do everything yourself. This idea, although it denotes resourcefulness and is therefore admirable, may not be the right one. In fact, most of the time it is wrong.

In fact, as we mentioned earlier, choosing the most appropriate furniture for each room in the home is complex. Because there are numerous details to be evaluated and harmonised with each other. Moreover, in order to obtain a final result that is perfectly in line with the initial idea, it is necessary to study a solid architectural project, free from the slightest error. And not everyone has the technical skills to succeed in this, i.e. to put down on paper an interior design project that results in a home furnished in a way that is cosy, functional and luxurious. Not even the advice of relatives and friends is of much use: furnishing one’s own home is one thing, furnish home of someone whose tastes, needs and requirements differ from our own is another.

So, what is the first piece of advice we feel like giving to those who have to buy or renovate the furnishing of their residence? It is simple: do not give in to the temptation to do everything yourself. On the contrary, it is a good idea to rely on a professional interior designer, i.e. someone with long and proven experience in the sector. A figure with such professionalism will certainly know how to advise us for the best and, on the basis of our tastes, design the best project for our living needs. A project that provides the most suitable furniture for each room, giving each room the style and atmosphere that will make them unique.

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The most common mistakes to avoid when furnish home

Furnish home

The temptation to do-it-yourself is certainly not the only mistake one can make when furnishing one’s home. In fact, we have also counted among the inappropriate practices listening to the suggestions of friends and relatives because they have been faced with furnishing needs that differ from our own. However, there are also other types of insidious mistakes. Here we will mention a few of them, the most common ones. In fact, in our experience as interior decorators of luxury homes, they are the ones we see made most often.

So here is our list of mistakes to avoid when furnish home. (A clarification: the following ranking has not been compiled in order of severity. As a result, each mistake is just as serious as the others. Therefore, it can equally as bad as the others cause great damage to the furnishing of the individual room or even the entire interior design project).

– Choosing furniture that is not homogeneously styled

An interior design project must have a high level of coherence between its parts. What do these words of ours mean? There must be a basic idea, which acts as a common thread between the demands of the homeowner, the physical constraints of the flat and the skills of the interior designer. Put even more simply, you need to think carefully about the style you want to give each individual room and, at the same time, define the overall style of the house well.

In this sense, furnish home does not mean buying furniture and accessories at random, just because you like them. A style in fact needs compactness, harmony, logic.

In the same way, it is a mistake to think that the furniture from the old house can also fit into the new one. In fact, every home has its own personality, its own character. It is therefore not possible to adapt the furniture from the old flat to the new one. Because that would be like dressing one person in the clothes of another. Every home must have its own style; every home must have its own furniture.

– Choosing colours that are inconsistent with each other and with the interior design

Luxury is also a matter of subtle balances. This also applies to the choice of colours for furniture, furnishings, walls, floors, etc. Specifically, the risk is to choose colours only according to how much we like them, ignoring any kind of planning.

In furnish home, a random choice of colours leads to having rooms that are overloaded with colours and, on the other hand, to having rooms that are lacking in them. In reality, the use of colour is so fundamental that it must be decided with maniacal attention. This is because, in a décor, colour can give a specific tone to each room and even be useful in correcting some potential defects. Colours have precisely this great advantage: not only can they give personality, enhancing the strengths of a piece of furniture, but they can also cover up its potential weaknesses. A few examples? A well-chosen colour can fill in annoying gaps. Or it can create dramatic effects of remarkable intensity or, on the contrary, refined delicacy.

As always, an experienced interior designer will be able to suggest the most appropriate colour palette for the individual interior project. Indeed, furnish home is not only a matter of understanding which furniture to choose and where to place it, it is also a matter of taste in matching the various hues, shades, nuances.

How to furnish a luxury home?
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– Choosing the wrong materials for furniture (and not only for furniture)

furnish home is also a question of materials. When you think of furniture, you automatically think of wood. But what is the most suitable wood to realise the furniture design of a specific room? More: there is not only wood, because it is possible to move towards many other types of materials, metallic, plastic or other types. In short: every home is different. Therefore, great care must also be taken when choosing the materials with which furniture, furnishings and accessories will be constructed.

The walls, ceilings and floors must not be forgotten either. Which stuccoes to choose? Which finishes? Which tiles? Which wallpapers? Which pictures? Which carpets? Which ornaments? Which curtains? What chandeliers and, more generally, what kind of lighting? These are all more than legitimate questions. Furnish home with taste, style and true class also depends on the answers to the questions we have listed here.

The choice of materials is really basic. It is not so much a question of robustness or durability. Indeed, in an interior design project, it is unthinkable that materials of inadequate quality should be considered. It is rather a question – once again – of consistency with the interior design project. There are indeed products that are better suited than others to create the desired effect. This is something a good interior designer knows well, since his job is to advise the customer on the most suitable furnishing option.

– Ignoring the importance of light in home furnishing

It is often overlooked, but furnish home also means taking care of the lighting points in each individual room, be it the kitchen, the living area or the bedroom. Attention: we are not only referring to electric lighting, but also to natural light, i.e. light filtering through windows, French windows, alcoves, skylights and so on.

As far as artificial lighting is concerned, it is necessary to select the chandeliers, ceiling lights, spotlights and wall lights that best suit the style chosen for the rooms. When making the choice, one should also focus on the type of light desired and its intensity. There are in fact warmer lights and cooler lights. There are intimate intensities, which help to create a cosy, meditative space, and more vivid intensities, which help to give the perception of a sunnier, almost playful space. The choice must therefore be weighed carefully, because getting the lighting wrong can distort the character of a room. That is, it can suffocate a decor or, on the contrary, flood it with brightness. In both cases, the effect is detrimental, because it prevents the eye from perceiving details, making each piece of furniture, accessory or ornament almost indistinguishable.

We have said that furnish home is also a question of natural light. A lot can be done here too. In this sense, the choice of curtains is decisive. So are the colours chosen for the walls, ceilings and floors. As we have already explained in the section on colours, curtains and the colours of floors and ceilings are also crucial for the interior design of the home to be coherent. A certain hue can either enhance light or extinguish it. The effect can therefore be very different, depending on the shade you have opted for. There will be no danger of making a mistake if you are guided by an interior designer who has the experience and skills to come up with a high standard interior design project.

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Furnish home

Tips for furnish home with a unique style, choosing high quality furniture

We have seen what are the most common mistakes made by those who are struggling with the choice of furniture for their home. They are mistakes that affect the furnishings of any type of accommodation, be it a flat, a loft or a villa. Avoiding them will save time and money. And it will ensure the full success of your interior design project.

However, if you really want to furnish home successfully, you must not only avoid the biggest mistakes. You also have to make the right decisions. This is why this guide to home interior design continues with a list of the best tips for deciding on the ideal furniture and accessories for your home. Specifically, the list of the main decisions to be made – and the corresponding tips – is as follows:

– Arrange furniture not only along wall perimeters

Due to a sort of acquired mental pattern of ours, we tend to arrange the furniture close to the walls of the rooms. No matter whether we are talking about the kitchen dining table, the sofa and armchairs in the living area, the bed or wardrobes in the bedroom, the desk in the study or one of the cabinets in the bathroom. Our unconscious tendency is to lean one side of the furniture against a wall. It is as if, in order to furnish the house properly, we have to anchor the furniture components to the wall so that they do not ‘float’ in the room.

Perhaps this attitude is also dictated by the desire to create space in the centre of rooms or by the need not to obstruct the movement and passage of people. The fact is that it is often not the most intelligent way of arranging space. Because it can generate disproportions. Let us think for example of small tables that are lost on walls that are very wide. Or, on the contrary, think of large tables that end up making walls that are small appear even smaller.

Home furnishing also means being able to organise space strategically. Nowhere is it written that a piece of furniture must necessarily be placed along the perimeter of the walls. Even central spaces can accommodate furniture, regardless of whether they are large or small. As always, an interior designer experienced in high-quality furniture will be able to guide you towards the ideal solution for your functional and aesthetic needs.

– Make extensive use of custom-made furniture

There is no alternative: if you want to furnish home tastefully, creating a harmonious and comfortable environment to live in, you have to opt for custom-made furniture.

We know that standard solutions are convenient, because they save time. So much time that the furnishing project can be requested quickly, and just as quickly will be the work of the carpenter who builds, delivers and installs the furniture. But standard furniture means furnish home in an unoriginal way, i.e. with little personality, without any trace of originality. In other words, accepting standard solutions means being content, it means conforming to what suits everyone. The concept of luxury furnishing is obviously far removed from this way of thinking.

Consequently, every home that aspires to be unique and to show the refinement of its inhabitants’ tastes should accommodate custom-made furniture. After all, isn’t it true that every flat, loft or villa is a world of its own? That’s right: every home is unique and, therefore, needs customised furniture. Only in this way can every detail be enhanced, in the kitchen as in the bedroom, in the living room as in the study or bathroom.

Here too, the assessments of the person who will design the furniture project will prove decisive. In fact, an interior designer with significant experience will be able to guide you with a sure hand towards the choice of customised furniture, which is always the best solution for furnish home.

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Furnish home

– Creating a warm, soft and cosy environment

furnish home means creating a personal space where you have the pleasure of staying and returning. It means creating a place where you can relax, where you can feel totally at ease, where you feel good about yourself and the people you love most, whether family members or friends. But how do you realise the home environment of your dreams? There is no good answer for everyone, but we can certainly give some pointers.

For instance, you need to create an environment that is warm, cosy, relaxing. One way to achieve this is to make abundant use of wood. Not only for furniture, but also for floors. For example, a high-quality parquet floor can completely change the look of any room, giving guests a natural and harmonious feeling.

The same can be said for warm colours. We live a hectic life, where stress is the main factor. This is why furnishing the home with colours that warm the rooms, making us feel like we are inside a warm embrace, is one of the best options for creating a furnishing that represents the utmost comfort.

Since attention to detail is something that is noticeable and that the human mind associates with something extremely pleasant, a similar effect of comfort is achieved when the furnishing design takes care of every detail. We are referring to exposed wood, sophisticated woodwork, skilfully crafted metals, richly patterned fabrics, artistic inlays, designer objects, exquisite carpets and so on. The search for unique details transforms our home into a unique and sought-after place where we can feel good. All this presupposes superior organisational skills, which are then those required of a designer and a carpenter who really know how to design and create high quality furniture.

Furnish home

– Choosing Made in Italy furniture and accessories

A final and important piece of advice on how to furnish home. The typical Italian taste for design, for good food, for dressing with style – and more generally the penchant for beauty and for things made with love – is known the world over. In the same way, the furnishings made by Italian furniture makers are objects of the highest craftsmanship, which can give an original, exclusive and chic character to any topology of home.

The artisans of the Belpaese have always known how to condense the history, style and love of beauty that are representative of Italy into luxury furniture. That is to say, in furniture that radically changes the look of any residence, no matter where it is located.

furnish home with Made in Italy furniture and accessories is therefore a winning choice. Because it is a sign of distinction, because it represents infallible proof of superior taste. An Italian piece of furniture is a piece that goes beyond the fashions of the moment, since it is made to last, to tell a story and to excite. A result it achieves thanks to its quality and the selected raw materials with which it is made.

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