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From wood to stove, the essentials of farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

Country charm conquers cities and mountains

Warm, cosy, conveying an enormous sense of family: homes furnished in the country style are not only popular in the countryside, but also in the city, and are also being transported to chalets and mountain huts. One of the most characteristic rooms of this particular interior design, which is increasingly becoming fashionable, combining tradition and modernity in a masterly way, is the farmhouse kitchen .

Why creating a farmhouse kitchen  is a challenge for big brands

It is a question of finding a balance between the characteristic features of peasant realities, i.e. recalling the past that once was, with its retro and familiar atmosphere, and the modernity that cannot be lacking nowadays, with all the conveniences and appliances that allow one to prepare delicious meals without too much effort, while adapting them to fit in with the environment.

farmhouse kitchen

It is a fascinating challenge, giving life to farmhouse kitchens that bring the country style up to date: bringing a style of the past back to the present, with duly aged yet modern elements, is an art, and it is not by chance that big brands such as Lacanche and La Cornue, given the great demand, have included this type of kitchen among those, of absolute value and high level, that they produce, even made to measure. 

Details that cannot be missing in a farmhouse kitchen

farmhouse kitchen

A kitchen to follow the country style must appear rustic and be warm and extremely cosy. How to create this effect? By choosing the correct furniture, starting with the stove, the large table and the sink, and starting with the main material of the country tradition, namely wood, well dosed with other materials that can enhance it.

Wood is the main material. With it, marble and masonry

Wood is the main material in a farmhouse kitchen . If possible, it should be provided untreated, so as to give it a used look, even when new, a bit like the deliberately aged concept of shabby (which, however, relies heavily on white). Its natural colour, perhaps with the grain in view, enhances the effect sought, to be combined with earthy tones such as brown. Wooden must be the table, the focal point of the room, where the family gathers to eat together.

farmhouse kitchen

The kitchen in fact in the country tradition is lived in, not just a space where food is prepared, but where time is spent all together, especially sitting at the table. The large table, massive and imposing like the other furniture, usually goes, symbolically, in the centre. Together with wood, marble can be used, which will give a feeling of elegance and at the same time solidity, recalling nature. It can be used, for example, in the kitchen countertops and if desired in the worktop or even in the table, in combination with wood. Another very suitable effect for recreating the atmosphere of rural tradition is the masonry on the walls, perfectly old-style and rustic.

The stove and sink characterise country interior design

farmhouse kitchen

When furnishing your farmhouse kitchen , you also need to choose the right furniture. The importance of the table has already been mentioned; a large, very characteristic stove should not be missing from the farmhouse kitchen . If it was once used to prepare food, now it may just be an element reminiscent of times gone by. It should be large and with an old-fashioned style, with personality and able to fill a corner of the room with its presence. This style also places importance on the washbasin, which becomes not only a functional element but also an iconic one: choose it well finished, if possible in marble, with visible decorations, and cared for like the faucets.

In a peasant kitchen, the cooker is usually in one plane with the sink, which as we have seen assumes a central role. The dishwasher in the tradition was not contemplated, but now it is difficult to do without it, so it can certainly be included, opting for a freestanding model.

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