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To each his own: the characteristics of fabric sofas in various styles

fabric sofas

Comfortable and versatile, all the merits of the fabric sofa

Able to figure well in an informal, minimalist and cheerful environment as well as in a more elegant one despite its modern simplicity, able to adapt to a classic context, with imposing and important furniture, as well as in a country setting, guaranteeing a touch of rusticity. What’s more, they are highly customisable, both thanks to the possible weaves and the ease with which they can be combined with cushions and covers, without forgetting comfort. We are talking about fabric sofas, a versatile piece of furniture that can be incorporated into any interior design, with a number of advantages.

Fabric sofas, what is used

When thinking about a sofa, one must consider the material of the frame, which can be wood, metal or steel, and that of the upholstery, from elegant leather to various types of fabric. The latter are able to combine comfort and adaptability, so much so that they can be used without any problem, with different declinations, in the various styles. The most commonly used fabrics for a sofa include linen and cotton, velvet, also corduroy, silk, jacquard or synthetics such as polyester and microfibre.

Linen and cotton, suitable for everyone and every season

Fabric Sofas in linen fabric, for example, make use of a material that is hygienic, hypoallergenic, ecological, breathable, absorbent, insulating, antistatic and thermoregulating: it is easy to understand how it is perfect to accommodate everyone, including those who suffer from allergies or feel particularly hot in summer or cold in winter, because in the first case it does not make one sweat and in the second it retains a pleasant warmth, as well as winking at the environment.

The same merits can be cited for cotton, which is hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, permeable to air, easy to wash and dry, resistant to tearing and does not absorb odours. So, like linen, it is also great for those with children and pets, and at the same time fits well in an open space where some food odours do come in.

Velvet, silk and synthetics in fabric sofas

Velvet used to be considered the prerogative of more classic and elegant environments, but in recent years it has rightly gained increasing appreciation: it is particularly soft and smooth. Silk rhymes with elegance because it brings lustre and refinement, seemingly delicate but actually able to last, if carefully maintained. For those who want synthetic fabrics, there are polyester, microfribra, polypropylene, nylon and acetate, which try to produce a silk effect. And it is not true that they are not beautiful to look at, thanks to processing and textures.

fabric sofas

For the classic, important details and trimmings, in the modern infinite choices in colours

But how do you choose the right fabric for your style? In classic interior design, fabric sofas with symmetrical shapes use top-quality materials, from velvet to silk or even brocade and damask. They often seek lustre and an elegant air, enriched with refined details such as decorative buttons, capitonné stitching, and fine trimmings.

For the modern style, one can choose fabrics such as linen or cotton, with the characteristics listed above, or synthetic ones. You will have fewer details and more essential shapes. If in the modern style, delicate nuances such as white, cream, beige or, for those who want a bold choice, black dominate, in the classic style you are truly spoilt for choice, not only in terms of colours but also textures.

fabric sofas

Which fabric sofas for country, shabby and oriental styles? And jacquard is… wild card

In a rustic setting, linen, cotton or even jute with earthy tones will be preferred. The shabby, particularly romantic, for fabric sofas opts for linen, cotton, corduroy or even lace or floral fabrics, which are extremely suitable for the atmosphere. In the oriental, silk or printed linen or cotton are favoured. Also jacquard, which although tending to be classic, can also be used for something modern or even, with its intricate patterns, for a vintage style. 

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