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Entrance sofas: a smart but often underrated furniture choice

Entrance sofas

Entrance sofas are a very interesting option for furnishing the area near the entrance door. In fact, this area of the house risks appearing as a cold and bare room, disconnected from the rest of the house.

Inserting a seat, perhaps with a refined and particular design, immediately captures the attention of guests entering the house or flat and gives an appetizer of what they will find in the other rooms. In this sense, the sofa is a more functional and versatile alternative to the more traditional pouf or bench.

Why you should consider buying an entrance sofa

To identify which is the right entrance sofa for your home, you need to focus on the size and layout of the area to be furnished. Furnishing an entrance hall that is open to the living area will be different from furnishing a more intimate entrance hall overlooked by doors and corridors. The design of an entrance hall connected to the garden or to an outdoor area of the house will be even different.

What all these situations have in common is the function performed by the entrance: it is an area of the house where people pass through and where the furnishings must balance decorative and functional capacities. The entrance is in fact the space you pass through every time you enter and leave your home. It is also the area in which very different objects are concentrated: keys, jackets and coats, bags, umbrellas, hats and scarves and so on. In many cases, the entrance area is also where people put on or take off their shoes, go barefoot or use slippers to move around the house. The entrance sofa is a furnishing solution that can harmonise an environment that has all these particularities.

When furnishing the entrance of the house, it is therefore necessary to take into account at least two needs: the need to have space in which to organise and store various objects and a comfortable seat in which to lean, to take off or put on shoes when preparing to go out or when returning home. Inserting a small entrance sofa and a console table or a designer coat rack is an excellent idea to make the entrance of your home welcoming and functional.

Which entrance sofa should you choose for your specific needs?

The layout of the house influences the choice between different models of entrance sofas. In a traditional flat, the entrance area is separated from the rest of the house and you can create an ad hoc piece of furniture, which characterises this area in a unique way. In an open space, on the other hand, when furnishing the entrance you must take into account the style choices made in the other rooms of the house, so as to guarantee a certain harmony in the room.

If you have to furnish a rather large foyer facing outdoors, you could instead consider choosing a small sofa that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In small or dimly lit spaces, you could opt for a two-seater entrance sofa with white or pastel-coloured upholstery, a console table with simple lines, large mirrors and good lighting. This combination of elements will certainly make the area appear larger and more spacious. And it will create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Which models of entrance sofas are best suited to the entrances of houses, lofts, flats?

In the entrance hall, you can place a sofa that is consistent with the style chosen for the other rooms in the house. This is a good choice, but you can also uniquely characterise the space by opting for a model that catches the eye with its lines or colours.

A retro-style entrance sofa is a good solution for all those projects that want to focus on aesthetics and design. This solution is also very versatile, since the choices include models that recall the lines of various eras.

But that’s not all: there is more to tell about this furniture. Wooden entrance sofas are a valid option in many cases. In homes furnished in a contemporary and Nordic style, this choice is consistent with the idea of essentiality typical of this furnishing philosophy. On the other hand, in traditional style homes, this option incorporates the extensive use of wood. A wooden entrance sofa is also well suited to open-plan environments and can be used to separate the entrance area from the rest of the space.

If the entrance is located close to the terrace or garden, you can consider choosing a wooden sofa with woven work, which can also be used outdoors, as additional seating at parties and gatherings with friends.

Basically, entrance sofas give you the opportunity to make more lively and welcoming an area of the house whose potential is often underestimated. Creating a space in which to sit and neatly arrange the personal belongings of the whole family helps to keep the space organised and functional. It also helps to build an environment that you can be proud of and show off to guests as they enter your home.

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