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Entrance furniture: how to make the right choice?

Entrance furniture

Entrance furniture should be chosen with great care, since the atmosphere in this area influences the impression friends, family and guests will have of the house.

Besides being welcoming, the entrance hall should also offer a taste of the character and style of the home, anticipating what visitors will find in the other rooms of the house. Between modern and classic style furniture and minimal or baroque solutions, everyone can find the solution that suits them best. In this article, we will give several tips to help you in your purchasing decisions.

Classical-style entrance furniture

The entrance area plays a connecting function between the interior and exterior of any type of home. It is in fact the first space that guests come into contact with, and it is essential to furnish it by taking care to create an environment that is both warm and welcoming.

Specifically, classic style entrance furniture immediately conveys sophistication and tradition. When deciding to opt for this type of furniture, one must consider that, often, traditional entrances offer a cramped and poorly-lit space. With these characteristics in mind, it becomes very important to choose the right furniture to help create a cosy and warm location.

Entrance furniture

The most elegant entrances are characterised by the presence of furniture that lends order and charm to the home space. Generally dominating the scene is a console, which is made of fine wood, carved or hand-finished. This type of furniture provides storage space for everyday objects, such as keys and small accessories, and introduces the eye to the furnishings of the rest of the house.

Completing the furnishings of a classic-style entrance hall is a coat rack or wardrobe, which are also usually made of wood and are perfect for storing coats and bags. Another indispensable element is undoubtedly the mirror. Besides fulfilling a practical function, allowing you to check that everything is in order before going out, it also increases the brightness of the room and makes the space seem larger. Finally, a lighting point, be it a pendant or wall lamp, completes the ensemble and adds further warmth and atmosphere to the space.

Modern-style entrance furniture

Unlike traditional entrances, modern entrances often have a larger and brighter space and often directly overlook the living area. This architectural evolution has had a strong impact on furnishing habits and has meant that, when furnishing modern entrances, the focus is on functionality and design.

The large consoles typical of the classic style have given way to smaller consoles with minimal lines, equipped with a small surface on which to place keys, wallets and other personal items. The essential lines of modern entrance furniture are also underlined by the presence of wardrobe cabinets or designer coat racks, which are practical and functional.

Those who want to give more personality to the entrance can insert an armchair, a sofa or a wall cupboard into the room, which can be used to visually separate the entrance from the living area. All these solutions are ideal for combining functionality and style and for furnishing the entrance area of the home with balance and taste.

Entrance furniture

Since modern entrances are larger and more spacious than classic ones, brightness is not an issue. To accentuate the light naturally present in the room, you can use stained glass, light-coloured furniture with a glossy finish, mirrors and strategically distributed light points.

How to choose the perfect style for your entrance furniture?

Choosing entrance furniture carefully allows you to express your personal style right from the doorstep. Having the possibility to choose from numerous available solutions, everyone can find the combination that best reflects their needs and, consequently, create an entrance furniture composition that is consistent with the rest of the house.

To be able to make the right choice, it is a priority to consider what kind of atmosphere one wants to give the specific location. Those who love timeless elegance can lean towards classic style entrance furniture: the warmth and refinement of fine wood and carved furniture will give a unique character to the space. Those, on the other hand, who appreciate the cleanliness and essentiality of modern minimalism should opt for linear furniture in light colours and clean shapes.

Entrance furniture

In addition to the style of the furniture, the importance of colour harmony must also be considered. Specifically, the colours and materials used for entrance furniture should reflect those used in the other rooms.

To give the room a personal touch, one can act in various ways, starting with the choice of made-to-measure furniture  to the addition of complements and accessories. Choosing made-to-measure furniture is a good solution to be sure that each piece of furniture fits ideally into the space. For their part, accessories can help characterise the room in a unique way.

Through a well-positioned mirror, careful lighting and luxurious carpets, for example, you can emphasise the elegance of the entrance furniture and make this corner of your home cosy and refined.

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