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Increasingly popular and also… refined. How to create an elegant and unique walk-in closet

elegant walk-in closet

The increasingly popular solution for the whole house

The elegant walk-in closet is just one of the possible declinations of what was once synonymous with luxury and for a few years now, walk-in closets have become increasingly popular, and the reasons are obvious. In fact, walk-in closets have the purpose of containing clothing, accessories and footwear, but they are also an important piece of furniture, because they combine aesthetics and taste, without forgetting functionality. Generally chosen for the rooms, in reality they lend themselves well to be placed in any other room of the house. One of the most popular is the entrance, especially for those who are planning to choose a walk-in closet characterized by great elegance, whose attention to details and visual pleasantness will be a great business card for anyone who walks through the door.

The elegant walk-in closet, perfect for every room

In the collective imagination, especially in the female one, the walk-in closet represents a mix between glamour and comfort because it allows to have all the clothes, but also shoes and accessories, at hand and in plain sight, even make-up (link to the article “walk-in closet with make-up corner”). The choices in terms of materials, styles and colors are almost endless and it is also necessary to take into account personal tastes and needs, for example regarding space. The good news is that such an element can be inserted even in not too spacious rooms. Its dimensions depend on the number of walls you want to equip, with a minimum of one, whose dimensions start from 120 cm x 200 cm.

Materials and colors

When it comes to materials for the elegant walk-in closet, those chosen most frequently are wood, metals, plastic and steel. Wood can be total white or colored, but it is also possible to keep the natural shade of wood. In any case, it is advisable to opt for light shades and neutrals. Those who want something bolder, however, can opt for a total black, which is certainly still not very popular. Those who prefer the industrial style can choose, instead of wood, leather and metals while sturdy plastic is the ally of those who do not particularly appreciate other materials.

The structure and the shape of the elegant walk-in closet

The structure of the chosen walk-in closet should also be evaluated according to the shape of the room that will host it. Yes, therefore, to an elegant walk-in closet at the back of the room for a square room and also to the favorite one of fashionistas, the long and narrow one, which reminds the catwalks for fashion shows. In addition to the shape of the room, which will influence that of the walk-in closet, it must be remembered that the design possibilities are practically endless. A stylish walk-in closet allows you to make the most of the space and you can enrich it with furniture elements such as drawers, shelves, coat racks and even a makeup area. Another key word for this type of walk-in closet is “versatility”.

Boiserie, glass and metal, the combinations that rhyme with elegance

It must be able to adapt to both temporary and permanent solutions. Among the available versions, the boiserie version, also known as straight, without vertical sides that allows to combine elegance with maximum use of space, is very popular. Perfect, therefore, even for small rooms, this variant of the elegant walk-in closet stands out for its practicality and functionality. A walk-in closet with reduced sides, more linear, is an alternative solution able to give refinement to your closet. Not for nothing, this typology is one of the most frequently chosen in different environments.

Another possibility is that of the metal structure and glass doors, also called “open cabin”, perfect to be placed in parts of the house that are generally ignored or abandoned such as compartments, niches and corners. The sliding glass doors are the strong point, symbol of elegance, of this type of walk-in closet.

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