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Elegant chandeliers for the dining room: a guide to choosing them

Elegant chandeliers

Using elegant chandeliers for the dining room helps to characterise the room and immediately give it a refined and sophisticated look.

The chandelier model should be chosen taking into account both the style of the furniture in the room and its layout. Both classically inspired chandeliers and ultra-modern chandeliers can be used to create beautiful combinations.

How to choose the right size and structure for the chandelier?

The first image that comes to mind when talking about elegant chandeliers for the dining room is the large pendant chandeliers, with a central metal frame and a cascade of crystals. In reality, the range of elegant chandelier models is much wider than this and also allows for interesting contemporary style solutions.

When selecting the most suitable chandeliers to furnish the dining room of your home, you should initially focus on the size and structure of the model. Ideally, the size of the chandelier should be proportional to the size of the room.

The size of the room also influences the choice of chandelier in terms of the height of the room. If the dining room has high ceilings, you can choose an elegant hanging chandelier made up of decorations on several levels. Or you can opt for a chandelier with a simpler structure, suspended in the middle of the room.

In order to find the best structure for the chandelier, we must instead refer to the direction in which the furniture is arranged, and in particular the dining table. A large rectangular table which is lengthwise will be best enhanced by a chandelier which has several light points distributed along the length of the table. Vice versa, for a round table or a square model you can opt for a round chandelier or one with light points concentrated in the centre.

Which style to choose for elegant chandeliers for the dining room?

When classifying elegant chandeliers that can be installed in a dining room, models can be grouped between classic and contemporary chandeliers. Generally speaking, classic chandeliers are more conspicuous and showy, while contemporary chandeliers have a simple and discreet design.

A classic chandelier is an excellent solution to furnish a dining room with solid wood furniture and traditional lines. The classic example is a large pendant chandelier made of Bohemian crystals. The light reflected by the hundreds of crystals distributed on the arms of the chandelier stands out against the furniture and gives new and surprising effects.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, we find the elegant contemporary chandeliers, often made with a minimum of clutter. The rigid metal structures and many crystals of traditional chandeliers are replaced by thin metal strips with LED lights and modular components, which ensure efficient use of energy and allow the chandelier to be configured in new ways.

Ring models are positioned somewhere between classic and contemporary designs. These elegant dining room chandeliers are inspired by the candle lighting solutions of the past. Today, candles are replaced by light bulbs, which can also take on original shapes, and low energy LEDs. Among the elegant dining room chandeliers, we cannot forget the geometrically shaped models. Thanks to their versatility, these solutions fit perfectly into classic and modern contexts and are offered in many different materials, using original combinations of wood, glass and metal.

How can you enhance the dining room with an elegant chandelier?

By making targeted interior design choices you can add value to every room in your home. The dining room is one of the most difficult rooms to give an elegant look to. While the living room is, by definition, the most stately room in the house, the dining room is more often given a more informal and comfort-oriented identity.

Thanks to elegant chandeliers, it is possible to more precisely define the atmosphere of the dining room and create a sophisticated yet cosy ambience. For example, when the dining room overlooks the living area, the job of the interior designer is made easier because the two rooms can be furnished with a certain continuity, even when it comes to chandeliers. In dining rooms isolated from the rest of the living area, on the other hand, it is possible to create dedicated furnishings and even make courageous choices.

The chandelier, when it is really elegant, can become the element that characterises the dining room in a unique way. An example of this are the design chandeliers with original lines, such as those inspired by art deco or those made with crystals or metal elements in bright colours.

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