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For a loft, double-sided sofas divide and are design elements

double-sided sofas

Double-sided sofas, design elements for a room that can be modified and is all about living

Double-sided sofas are particularly interesting design elements because they are furniture that contributes to the perception of a living room that is no longer something static, imposing, fixed in time, but rather gives the perception of a room that can be modified and remodelled whenever one wants.

What are double-sided sofas?

What is a bifacial sofa? And what are the reasons for the success of this furniture in modern interior architecture? Let’s start by saying that they fall into the category of sectional sofas, and this is a detail that brings with it the concept of design in a flexible furnishing context.

Specifically, a two-sided sofa is a piece of furniture consisting of two front sides, which are the modular ones that can be easily moved. The double-sided sofa seat is finished on four sides, although one of its characteristics is that there is no real back or backrest.

Getting into the specifics and talking about furniture, what else can we say? They are a type of sofa, the double-sided ones, which is great for giving a design touch to large open spaces. In fact, while there are often solutions for optimising space in small flats, there are, on the other hand, locations that are large and have no real divisions between rooms. We are, in short, referring to lofts.

In these situations, double-sided sofas become furnishing and design elements which, as in the case of walk-in wardrobes for example, are decisive in separating different rooms.

Rooms are increasingly flexible (and double-sided sofas are an integral part of this)

The choice of elements such as walk-in kitchens highlights the great need for flexibility in modern spaces. Indeed, the rigid division between the sleeping area, the living area and the kitchen area is increasingly disappearing. In the contemporary home, every living space is lived in and displayed.

Double-sided sofas fit perfectly into this type of design concept. You can, in fact, use them to seat guests facing the kitchen and then turn them around so that they can all watch TV together. This is possible because the backrest, when it exists, is not finished and therefore allows the shape of the sofa to be combined as required.

Perhaps, on the surface, a two-sided sofa that can be comfortably moved may give the idea of something not very solid. Those who think this, however, are making a mistake. Often, the furniture is moved by means of non-slip pads, which do not affect its weight. Therefore, the solidity of this furniture is absolutely out of the question.

Which types of double-sided sofas are the most comfortable and designer?

The most comfortable and designer of the double-sided sofas are the ones with double-sided and the sofas with positionable backrests. The former are composed of islands and make modularity their stylistic feature. They have two seats, one in front and one behind the backrest. A single sofa therefore allows one to look in two opposite directions. In contrast, sofas with positionable backrests are sofas made up of islands. In them, the backrest is replaced by huge, soft cushions, so that you have a true oasis of design and relaxation!

double-sided sofas

What colours, materials and details make double-sided sofas pure design elements?

In order to add a touch of design to the home,  sofas must be made of appropriate materials. On the other hand, when it comes to sofas, it is well known that there are no limits, i.e. it is well known that one can choose the most diverse materials for their construction. Even the most modern models do not exclude any material in this respect. On the other hand, when one opts for luxury, the latter can always be combined with modernity.

Consequently, the choice of a two-sided sofa to furnish a loft – or in any case a large, modern space – presupposes the choice of materials that suggest softness rather than rigidity and solidity. In this sense, upholstered sofas, perhaps in goose down, prove perfect. The important thing is that the furniture gives at first sight the sensation of being comfortable, enveloping and soft.

And what about colours? There are no limits to the purchasers’ imagination. The options are really numerous when we refer to double-sided sofas. This means that you can go from solid colours to the boldest multicolour effect.

Even the cushions become design elements. Those who want a really special and unique result will prefer them in bright colours and bold designs, so that they can become the absolute centrepiece of the living room in which they are placed. And if you don’t want to be so daring? No problem: you can limit yourself to just a couple of colours, although… today’s trend calls for daring, bringing multifunctional and colourful double-sided sofas into your rooms!

double-sided sofas

How do you choose the right double-sided sofa for your living and style needs?

The first consideration is this: are you looking for seating furniture that can be used by two or more people independently? If the answer to the question is yes, then double-sided sofas are the furniture category you should direct your choice towards.

Having said that, keep in mind that a sofa of this type is larger than a traditional sofa, so make sure you have enough space in the room where it will be placed.

Another point to consider is comfort. From this point of view, double-sided sofas offer more comfort than traditional sofas, as their cushions are bigger and deeper. Our advice, then, is to try out the sofa before you buy it so that there are no surprises later. And again: if you have a preference in terms of style, fabric or colour, make sure that the double-sided sofa you have focused on has all the features you are looking for. To do this, it is often helpful to consult an experienced interior designer.

Having made these general observations, we would like to suggest a step-by-step guide to help you choose the right double-sided sofa model for you. Here it is:

1.           Consider the available space in the room that is to house the furniture

A double-sided sofa is a big addition to your space, and can therefore be cumbersome if you don’t pay due attention. It is not so much a question of physical clutter, because it is never the case that someone buys a piece of furniture that does not fit into the room, but of visual clutter. In fact, people often buy double-sided sofas that are so large that they break the harmony of the décor. Once again, this problem is avoided by having a true interior design expert assist you.

2.           Choose a finish to match your decor

A two-sided sofa is an important design element, so choose a material and a finish that perfectly matches the décor that is already in the room.

3.           Pay attention to the quality of the materials

A piece of furniture of this type is an important economic investment, so make sure that the materials are indeed durable and of high quality.

4.           Consider the option of customisation

A double-sided sofa can be customised to suit your needs and furnishing style. In fact, given the importance of the furniture, a customised choice is almost mandatory.

5.           Pay attention to fabric colours

This is basically the same advice as the second point in this guide. We have said that double-sided sofas and their cushions can be made in any colour. We have also said that modern interior design trends are pushing towards marked boldness. All correct, but don’t forget that precedence must always be given to a correct match between the colours of the sofa and the colours of the furniture already in the room. The same can be said for the style in which to make the sofa: it is a question of aesthetic harmonies.

6.           Assess the comfort level of the sofa

Make sure that the furniture you choose is really comfortable. Try out different seating options before you give the green light to the purchase. Also involve your family members in this decision, which may seem trivial but is not.


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