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Designer wardrobes with sliding doors, expensive and engineered but capacious and beautiful to look at

Designer wardrobes with sliding doors

Design wardrobes with sliding doors, because they blend in well with the environment

When it comes to buying a designer wardrobe, many people wonder whether it is better to have hinged doors or sliding doors. A design wardrobe with sliding doors certainly winks at aesthetics; it generally has two or three doors compared to the five or six doors of a wardrobe with hinged doors.

This means that a design wardrobe with sliding doors blends in better with the room and is therefore an excellent solution for not weighing down the bedroom, thanks to its light aesthetics. Sliding doors are often available in glass, methacrylate and mirror, ensuring an additional lightness of the furniture which, in this case, also goes hand in hand with elegance.

Types of doors in designer wardrobes with sliding doors

The sliding doors of a wardrobe  can be coplanar, overlapping and open. Overlapping doors are the most common, and once closed they overlap by about 4-7cm, allowing them to pass over each other when closed or opened. They are very robust and reliable and have been on sale for a long time, since the late 1970s.

The only drawback may be the price; this type of sliding door is more expensive than hinged doors. In the coplanar system, the doors remain aligned when the wardrobe is closed, resulting in a clean, linear look. Created with complicated and rather recent highly-engineered mechanisms, to open this type of designer wardrobe you simply pull the door out slightly and slide it in to the new track when you want to close it.

The advantages of the light door option in sliding door wardrobes

The design wardrobe with sliding doors  in the light is definitely the oldest option. The doors are mounted inside the structure on special tracks that use the inside of the cabinet as a ‘running surface’. They are then fitted with small wheels that run on small channels built into the bottom, top and bottom of the cabinet itself. This type of sliding door is well suited to lightweight wardrobes, such as those in children’s or teenage bedrooms.

Among the advantages are the cost, which is generally lower than the other two options, the absence of complicated mechanisms, and longevity because, if well maintained, they can last forever. This is also the only type of design wardrobe with sliding doors (in light, in fact) that fits into a “niche”, i.e. it can be closed into “wall” compositions (1).

Designer wardrobes with sliding doors

Attention: sliding doors must be quiet in design wardrobes with sliding doors

Design wardrobes with sliding doors are more spacious than hinged doors in terms of depth. This is particularly useful when, for example, the bedside cabinet has to be placed directly in front of the wardrobe or when there is little space between the wardrobe and the bed. If you want to open the wardrobe, you can stand comfortably in front of it and do all the work inside.

Whichever option you choose, it is important to ensure that the doors slide quietly and easily.If the doors are mounted inside the frame they must have a metal cover profile running over the carriage at the base of the cabinet, which is necessary to protect the mechanism from dust.

Only a very good fitter can guarantee the numerous micro-adjustments required during assembly. Approximation is highly inadvisable, and should be avoided at all costs, as it could undermine not only the aesthetics and/or operation of the cabinet and its longevity, but also its safety.

How can a wardrobe with sliding doors be integrated into a room so that it looks good?

You can combine a traditional designer wardrobe with modern elements, creating a chic and original contrast. The design wardrobe with sliding doors is perfect not only for the master bedroom or the children’s bedrooms but also for the entrance hall, a niche, a corridor and even in an open space, placing it in the centre of the room, transforming it into the real protagonist (in this case, the wardrobe must also be finished with details on the back).


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