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With visible elements and fine finishes, how to make the most of a designer sideboard

designer sideboard

The fundamental role of storage furniture

In any interior design it is essential to provide furniture that has a storage function, especially in contexts such as bedrooms with wardrobes, in the kitchen and the living room with elements such as sideboards, sideboards, benches, cupboards, shelves, wall units. The designer sideboard represents a perfect combination of practicality, tradition and aesthetics.

The differences between a designer sideboard and a sideboard

Usually intended for kitchens and living rooms, they are often confused with sideboards. In reality, although their function is similar, i.e. to contain dishes, crockery and table linen, they have significant differences: the sideboard is narrower and lower, the sideboard is taller and more slender. You can very well place both pieces of furniture in your living room or kitchen, with a continuity of style.

If you have sufficient square footage or prefer to go for just one of the two, you can decide according to personal taste and available space. The sideboard is more suitable if you want to develop in height, while the sideboard, being low, allows you to hang a mirror, wall units or shelves above it. Another piece of furniture that can be categorised together with the two mentioned above is the console table, initially planned as decorative and then gradually becoming more functional, including storage.

The versatility of the sideboard: not only does it contain, it also showcases

A designer sideboard is often considered to be more functional and versatile, because if usually in a sideboard, due to its shape, one is limited to placing items such as plates and dishes on the outside and has only one top shelf, in a sideboard one can also find space for china, photographs, books and decorative objects.

From compartments to drawers, how to combine practicality and aesthetics in a designer sideboard

Open compartments or closed by transparent doors can be provided for items that you want to be seen.

To best combine practicality and design, you can alternate closed drawers located at the bottom and compartments located at the top, completely open or closed with doors that can be glass or crystal and thus allow you to see inside. In the drawers you put what you want to hide from view, in the visible spaces or on shelves those that become part of the furniture.

Materials and finishes, the characteristics of designer sideboards

But what makes a sideboard a design element? There are infinite models of furniture that suit every style, from the more showy and decorative in the classic, to the more essential and streamlined in the modern, what makes the difference are the materials and finishes.

In fact, a designer sideboard can be defined as a piece of furniture with attention to the smallest details, where nothing is left to chance, from the lines to the shapes, from the placement of the objects that will take their place to the lights. For a fascinating and neat effect, special lighting can be designed, with even LEDs inside the compartments. Those who want to have a truly unique design that can highlight and enhance what will be placed there, in view, especially if we are talking about art objects or particularly cherished objects, can request a custom-made sideboard.

designer sideboard

The materials of a designer sideboard: glass and crystal are light and elegant

To be designer, a sideboard must use high-quality materials. We speak of wood, aged or solid wood if you want to create unique effects, lacquered or even polished for a modern context. For contemporary furnishings, a designer sideboard can be made of metal.

Glass for the doors is certainly an extremely elegant and refined element, capable of making a difference in combination with any other. There are also pieces of furniture made entirely of glass, which are very special and truly designer in their lightness and transparency. Instead of glass, crystal can be used. For a really fine finish in furniture that wants to be important, gold or silver can be inserted.

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