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Designer desks: how to choose the ideal designer desk for an office (including smart working)

Designer desks

The desk, whether designer or not, is a functional piece of furniture for office workers. This applies whether it’s an office on the move or a workstation at home. But this piece of furniture is also much more than that. More and more often, the desk is the piece of furniture that best communicates the personality and style of the user.

Therefore, choosing a designer desk for your office allows you to count on a piece of furniture that reflects your aesthetic taste and offers a comfortable workstation throughout the working day.

What are the ideal characteristics of a designer desk?

The desk is the absolute protagonist of office furniture. The classic presidential and executive models have an imposing structure, capable of transmitting the authority and importance of those who hold an executive role. The more modern design desks have a less authoritarian character and an appearance that, in terms of lines and materials used, is far removed from tradition.

Alongside linear solutions, which offer a comfortable work surface and straight, clean lines, there are desks with more original shapes, with a curved design and an unusual combination of materials. The multi-tasking that characterises our days is also transferred to furniture solutions and is reflected in multifunctional design desks, characterised by the presence of several worktops and drawer units.

For example, designers offer drawer units integrated into the main body of the desk, free-standing drawer units or solutions with drawers and open compartments on the side of the desk. The latter is a very interesting configuration for desks that are located in the middle of a room. It is also interesting in all those cases where there is a need to make maximum use of space.

Design models can be useful both in individual offices and when there is a need to use a shared desk. The proposals of contemporary designers make it possible to furnish even the most anonymous open spaces with personality, creating a stimulating and comfortable work space.

How to choose the style, colour and appearance of a designer desk

To identify the best models of designer desks it is necessary to start by analysing the space to be furnished.

The choice will most likely be different if you are furnishing an office open to the public or a home space where you work remotely. In the first case, the desk will have to be positioned in such a way as to welcome clients or relate to the workstations of colleagues.

In a home office, the desk may be located in a study or it may be at the centre of a home area dedicated to remote working, i.e. in a different room of the house, such as the living room or bedroom. In the latter case, it is important to make sure that the style of the designer desk blends in with the furnishing style of the room and that it is in harmony with the home decor choices made previously.

In addition to the timeless wood, designers offer desks in various other materials. Glass, for example, gives the desk an extremely elegant look, while leather inserts are perfect for those who love a traditional and timeless style. There are also design desks made of fibreglass. This is a modern and versatile material, which allows endless customisation in terms of colour and graphics.

The best designer desks to create a stylish and functional office

Over time, desks have also adapted to the technological changes that have revolutionised the way we work. From the large desks of the past, designed to hold stacks of papers and folders of documents, we have moved on to smaller, more functional desks designed to hold computers and other technological devices. The most modern design solutions are designed with technology in mind and include smart systems to conceal electrical cables from view.

Zanotta is one of the most authoritative furniture brands when it comes to design furniture. In its catalogue, there are models of design desks that adapt to various types of personality. Starting from the Calamo model, compact and essential, perfect to be used as a desk or as a console, up to the Cavour model, elegant and spacious, characterised by an original structure in wood and crystal and by dynamic lines. Those looking for a design desk that combines spaciousness and essential lines can opt for the Ambrosiano model, for example, made entirely of wood or with a crystal worktop.

Modern design desks allow you to work in comfortable, practical and stylish workstations. The balance between colours, materials and volumes makes it possible to personalise the work space and to transfer the essence of the personality of the person who lives in the office to the furniture.

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