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How to create a designer bathroom with the right furniture choices

How to create a designer bathroom with the right furniture choices

Interior design trends give precise indications on how to furnish a designer bathroom, with the aim of creating a true wellness room, where aesthetics and functionality blend to perfection. Whether you are planning a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, here are a few tips for transforming the room into a designer space.

What elements make the difference when furnishing a designer bathroom

More than in any other room in the house, it is the harmony between the different elements in the bathroom that determines the success of a project. The choice of sanitary ware, decoration and furniture for a designer bathroom should be made carefully and in line with the overall style of the room.

In modern and contemporary design bathrooms, white is the great protagonist. It is chosen for the sanitary ware, the walls and in some cases also for the carpets and is particularly appreciated for its ability to give breath and brightness to the environment. For this reason, the choice of white is also suitable for projects involving a small designer bathroom which, with the right lighting, can appear more spacious and welcoming.

The size of the room is probably the first parameter to consider when defining the bathroom furniture. If the dimensions allow it, you can opt for a freestanding bathtub, perhaps to be positioned away from the wall.
When choosing taps and fittings, materials and finishes should be taken into account. You can choose classic steel taps with a polished finish, but you can also opt for gold or matt-finish taps, or taps made of brass or copper.

Modern designer bathrooms include wall-hung or floor-level sanitary ware, made of treated ceramics to increase the hygiene and safety of the surfaces. When it comes to washbasins for a designer bathroom, the choice is between countertop models or models integrated into the top. The decision between one model and another should take into account not only the aesthetic aspect, but also the functionality of the different solutions.

The search for functional solutions is, together with the tendency to seek essentiality and the elimination of the superfluous, one of the main trends characterising the interior design of designer bathrooms. Functionality is to be understood as an intelligent use of space and as the construction of a welcoming environment capable of satisfying the needs of those living in the home.

Even in the smallest bathrooms, it is important to include in the interior design a piece of furniture large enough to hold toiletries and towels for the whole family. Depending on the furnishing style chosen, a modern designer bathroom cabinet or a vintage or modern antique bathroom cabinet can be integrated into the room.

A functional bathroom can also speed up the cleaning process. There is no shortage of options in the bathroom collections to choose self-cleaning materials or water-repellent treatments that reduce the build-up of limescale and dirt and keep the bathroom in perfect condition.

How to choose decorations for a designer bathroom

In modern designer bathrooms, the right decorations can make the furnishing concept special. Through decoration, whether it is wall coverings or objects placed on a shelf, you have the opportunity to personalise the room and to meet the customer’s requests and wishes with great precision.

There are endless possible solutions for decorating walls. The choice of material and colours varies depending on the project budget and the stylistic decisions made together with the client who commissioned the project.
Among the most interesting trends, it is worth mentioning the use of specific wallpapers for the bathroom and the use of mosaic tiles, used not in the whole surface of the room, but only to accentuate the central elements of the bathroom furniture.

No less important are the mirrors and the lighting system. Providing adequate lighting for the room is essential to emphasise the elegance of the lines of the chosen design collections and to create a welcoming environment.
Finally, the project must be completed with designer bathroom accessories, which have the task of warming up the atmosphere and making it special. This is the case, for example, with candles, paintings and chairs or stools to be placed in the bathroom.

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