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Design TV furniture, not just a practical piece of furniture but a designer piece as well

design tv furniture

Design TV cabinet, not the prince of the room but a designer piece of furniture

A TV cabinet has an obvious main purpose, but at the same time it can and must be a design item. It serves as a support for the TV set or, in any case, stands underneath it, but it must also be a designer piece of furniture because home environments are becoming more and more sophisticated, with furniture that is not just furniture but objects designed to be designer, from bookcases to sofas. Just think of the fact that even rooms themselves take on different values, such as kitchens. So, yes: a TV cabinet must also be design.

Certainly the TV cabinet, however designer, will not be the main element of the living room, that is usually the sofa or the table. The TV cabinet will remain among those that are furnishing accessories. However, it must fit into the context of the living room, contributing to its design. So how do you choose the right TV cabinet?

The right size for a designe TV funiture

As always, the starting point is the style of furniture in the living room. Is it all solid wood and rough-hewn, with an antique style? You certainly can’t choose a steel TV cabinet, it won’t be designer. Is the living room a minimalist open space with black and white tones? It is advisable not to opt for the perfect wooden TV cabinet for the first example.

A general rule of elegance says that the TV cabinet must be longer than the TV itself in order to be designer and balanced. This seems trivial, but it is not. Naturally, the dimensions must be adequate for the room or wall where it is to be placed. It is better to choose the depth carefully: if the TV screen is ultra-flat, the feet on which it rests are not.

TV leaning against or hanging on the wall? How to choose the right furniture design

It has been said that the TV cabinet should be a support for the television. But this is not always the case, because flat screens are often hung on the wall. However, the furniture is placed underneath it for a question of balance: the space between the floor and the screen would appear too empty. And a designer TV cabinet creates continuity with the furniture and is useful for storing objects, perhaps tablecloths or plates.

How high should it be? If the TV set is placed on the floor, care must be taken to ensure that the screen is at a comfortable height for the viewer. Ideally, you should consider your own eye level and increase it by a third: roughly speaking, between 95 centimetres and one metre from the ground. The TV cabinet should be three times the height of the screen from where you are sitting to ensure optimal viewing. This is not design, but visual comfort.

Design TV furniture for other rooms or… for all rooms!

A TV does not have to be in the living room. A retractable designe TV funiture is recommended for bedrooms. It saves space and allows the television to disappear when you need the room to study or work.

Returning to the living room, if space is limited, a useful design TV funiture can be a corner one. It allows you to exploit surfaces that would otherwise be unused. If, on the other hand, there is only one TV set in the whole house and you want to move it around, design can be combined with practicality by choosing a TV cabinet with wheels, which is light and easy to move around.

Wood, glass, metal for design TV furniture

As is often the case, there are many materials available for a designer TV cabinet. Glass guarantees elegance and lightness, but of course it has to be handled carefully: how bad are the fingerprints? Metal is minimalist and very resistant, perfect for modern environments. The main material is still wood, with all its processes and finishes.

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