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Design sideboard: the rediscovery of a classic piece of furniture from the past

The sideboard is an essential piece of furniture in the homes of the past. Its original function was to hold plates, cutlery and tableware. In country houses, the cupboard was also used to store bread. Today, this classic piece of furniture is being rediscovered and, in its design versions, is the protagonist of the living area. The secret of its success? Its remarkable versatility. Let’s see why.

Modern design sideboards

The sideboard was created in the 18th century as a functional piece of furniture. Its purpose was to contain objects used in the kitchen for setting the table. Its structure responds perfectly to this function: the cabinet is long and narrow and is organised into several compartments.

Modern design sideboards retain the storage function, but do so more flexibly than in the past. Alongside the compartments closed by hinged doors, we can find drawers and open compartments. Or we can find sideboards with sliding doors or with doors that open with a pressure system.

Even in the materials, modern design sideboards depart from tradition. While antique furniture is strictly made of solid wood, with more or less elaborate decorations, contemporary design models are offered in a mix of materials ranging from wood to metal, including glass, crystal and plastic.

Modern designers have also revisited the concept of the sideboard from the point of view of structure. In addition to sideboards that rest on feet, there are models without feet, with support directly on the ground, and ultra-modern suspended models.

The various design sideboard models: versatile and elegant solutions

The usual place to find a sideboard is in the living room. Depending on the space available, it can be a small sideboard with two doors or an extra-large model with up to six doors. Dishes, crockery, tablecloths and kitchen linen can be stored in this cabinet. More and more, however, the cupboard is finding its place in other rooms of the house.

The simplicity and elegance of this low cabinet can be used in the entrance area, in a basement and even in the bedroom. In all these areas, the function of the sideboard (design or traditional) is essentially to contain objects of various types and to allow the space to be organised in an orderly manner. A designer cupboard, for example, can be perfect for storing toys in the children’s room or for storing objects left in the entrance hall.

There are so many designer solutions that it is easy to find the perfect model to match the style of furniture in your home. The light wood models with minimalist lines are ideal for rooms furnished in a Nordic style. On the other hand, sideboards made of dark woods such as walnut are perhaps the most appropriate choice for rustic-style homes.

A designer sideboard is also well suited to industrial environments. Models with square lines, metal inserts and an alternation of open compartments and compartments protected by doors can complete the furnishing of the living area even in homes and open spaces in an ultra-modern style.

There are also more original design proposals

The innovation of modern sideboards passes through the use of original colours and lines. The models with drawers are very useful to organise the work space in your study or in the workstation used for smart working. The sideboards with pastel or bright colours are a good solution to give a touch of colour in the bedroom.

In the living area of the house, the sideboard can be used as a storage unit alongside the TV stand. Or it can be used to delimit the various areas of the room. In the first case, you can use a suspended design model, which has the great advantage of visually lightening the environment.

The sideboards with an open structure are instead perfect to create a visual separation between one area of the room and another. This solution is particularly indicated in open spaces. Inserting a design model in the centre of the living area, perhaps made of metal and glass, creates a physical separation in the room and allows you to embellish the environment, displaying small works of art or precious objects. In short: the versatility of designer sideboards, as we said at the beginning of this article, makes them a piece of furniture that can amaze for the personal touch it gives to different home environments.

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